Nikki Serenity, Caterina Clayton, Sabrina Dawn Sarah Ekstrand

Actresses and models Nikki Serenity, Caterina Clayton, Sabrina Dawn and Sarah Ekstrand attended the Premiere of Late Nite TV’s Local Ambition in 2019 before the pandemic.

“Local Ambition” is a soap opera about women competing in a modeling competition reality series where the dangers they face are more interesting than the drama they create on-screen.

Kevin Edwards, writer and director, is very talented and wonderful to work with which contributes to the success of the show. All the cast members and everyone involved were celebrating the first showing at a South County cinema.

Caterina Clayton Actress Local Ambition

Caterina Clayton is a beautiful and talented actress for Late Nights TV’s series Local Ambition in St. Louis. The photos below were taken during a wonderful photoshoot produced by the amazing staff at Late Night TV that took place at Forest Park before the pandemic.

The reality show features local St. Louis women participating in a modeling competition where there can be only one winner. The drama is fun to watch and the strategies used to win amongst the competitors are dramatic and at times comical. It is a must see.

Forest Park St. Louis before the Pandemic

Forest Park Forever photos before pandemic circa 2019. Forest Park Forever is a world-class park made possible by donations from the community. Forest Park continues to be a safe refuge for the people of St. Louis especially during the pandemic. It is a place where visitors can jog and really enjoy the beauty of the park in safe environment where one can easily keep the recommended 3-meter distance from others.

Grand Center St. Louis before pandemic

This is the Grand Center Arts District in St. Louis before the pandemic mostly taken during sunset and nighttime where the lights and marquees splash colors onto the streets creating a whimsical and magical scene.

FEATURED BUILDINGS: The Fabulous Fox, Theater Powell Symphony Hall, Grandel, Kranzberg Arts Foundation, Angad Arts Hotel which formally housed historic Missouri Theatre and the Metropolitan Artist Loft, Pulitzer Arts Foundation Art Museum, the Contemporary Art Museum, the Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries, Kranzberg Arts Center, Samuel Cupples House, Scottish Rite Cathedral, St. Louis University Fountain, The St. Francis Xavier College Church and parts of Saint Louis University.

WILDHORSE VILLAGE Chesterfield by Clayco

WILDHORSE VILLAGE by Clayco is an 80-acre multi-use development with 500 Apartments, 150 Residences, 100,000 sq. ft of Retail

The upscale Wildhorse Village will feature beautiful lakefront views a boathouse, boardwalks, parks and an amphitheater for live shows, concerts and plays. Involved in the project include CRG, Lamar Johnson Collaborative and Clayco.