Saint Louis Ballet holds Kickoff Party at Neiman Marcus

The Saint Louis Ballet held its Spring Gala Kickoff on the 2nd floor of Neiman Marcus in the Plaza Frontenac shopping center in St. Louis.

The Spring Gala Kickoff is the pre-party and fundraiser that is held each year before the actual Spring Gala. This year’s Gala was named “An Enchanted Night In The Garden” scheduled for April 18, 2020, but was canceled due to Covid-19.

I thought it would be would bring some hope to some to see what life was like in February 2020 before Covid-19 became common knowledge. I remember it wasn’t until mid March that I heard of any warnings about Covid-19.

I am sure sometime time next year, things will be get back to some kind of normalcy once again. So be safe. Wear your mask, practice social distancing and wash your hands often, three things that have become a part of our lives in 2020.

EVENT: Spring Gala Kickoff
HOSTED BY: Saint Louis Ballet
VENUE: Neiman Marcus, Plaza Frontenac
DATE: Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Menu: White Knight Diner, St. Louis

White Knight Diner is a 600 square foot restaurant famous for serving their Super Slingers for over 60 years in heart of Downtown St. Louis.
The Super Slinger takes up the entire plate for just $9.04. It’s layered with Hash Browns a Pure Beef Hamburger Patty, Two Eggs and Smothered in Chili, topped off with some Fried Veggies.

Saint Louis Fashion Fund Under Construction in Grand Center Arts District

Saint Louis Fashion Fund is currently under construction in the historic building at 3333 Washington Avenue, owned and operated by the Kranzberg Arts Foundation in Grand Center Arts District.

According to Google Maps, Ramz Medical Supply Company resided here at one time.

Saint Louis Fashion Fund under construction at 3333 Washington Avenue in Grand Center Arts District.

Tiny Houses for Veterans in St. Louis Coming Soon

The Veterans Community Project will be a village of 50 tiny homes for homeless Veterans at the corner of N. Grand Ave. and Aldine Ave. in St. Louis. There will be a Veterans Outreach Center that will connect Veterans to services in the area as well.

The houses will be free including utilities. The mini homes will come with all the furnishings as well: bed, appliances and the like.

On Friday, October 16, 2020, VCP officially dedicated land for VCP Village in St. Louis, Missouri.

Special thanks to speakers Governor Mike Parson, Senator Jamilah Nasheed, St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas, Senator Jill Schupp, and Dr. Amanda Andrade as well as elected officials from St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri who helped us celebrate this milestone event.

Veterans United Foundation, Atlas, Blitz Bardgett & Deutsch, Castle, Fields Food, Finkel + Williams Architecture, Kadean Construction, SLDC St. Louis Development Corporation, RD RemigerDesign, Sansone Group, Serious Barbecue, Sioux Chief

Burger Mobile from ‘Good Burger’ movie on display at Highpoint Drive-in, St. Louis

Highpoint Drive-in has the famous ‘Burger Mobile on display,’ which is a Pacer with a giant burger on the hood from Nickelodeon’s 1997 Good Burger movie.

The Burger Mobile will be on display through December and maybe longer. Everyone was practicing social distancing in this classic eatery and a sign on the door read that you need to wear a mask before entering.

Highpoint Drive-in has the famous ‘Burger Mobile on display,’ which is a Pacer with a giant burger on the hood and other restaurant paraphernalia from Nickelodeon’s 1997 Good Burger

Hi-Pointe Drive-in resides in a former 1980s drive-in that was once a burger joint as well.

Dine-in | Curbside Pickup | No-Contact Delivery

Hi-Pointe Drive-in
1033 McCausland Ave,
St. Louis, MO 63117
(314) 349-2720

Hottest Black Female Entrepreneurs at The STL Collective Photoshoot, Tower Grove Park

The hottest Black female entrepreneurs in St. Louis, with The STL Collective, gathered at Tower Grove Park for an epic photoshoot by Mena Darre. It was Tuesday morning around 9 AM with a temperature circling around 35 degrees. The overcast made it feel even cooler but that didn’t hinder these woman whatsoever.

Helping the woman pose was Chi The Model that happens to be the best modeling coach in St. Louis. Mena and Chi were the perfect mix and were simply magic together. The end results were phenomenal.

The women were all dressed to kill in jaw-dropping black gowns that created a master piece for any camera. It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see this and everyone was in awe!!!

Horns were honking and numerous fans yelled from the streets displaying their appreciation by saying things like, “OMG, you are all so beautiful.” It was so funny because I was saying this to myself, as well. The words Beautiful, Great and OMG became a common thing to hear on that wonderful day in the park, words that gave us another sign of hope, words that echoed from the streets of South City to Tower Grove Park, words that we all need to hear.

To celebrate how Black women stepped into their passions during this pandemic, we chose to wear Black. Not only for the people we’ve lost, but to celebrate the beauty of our people. And for the undying, unwavering perseverance Black women possess in life and in business.

The STL Collective
Watch 15 beautiful black female entrepreneurs in epic STL Collective photoshoot by Mena Darre at Tower Grove Park.

These gorgeous ladies wore black to represents their resolve during the pandemic and to pay respects to the fallen and more. Dr. Maurya Dominica explained this perfectly on an Instagram post that read:

We wear black to pay respects to the lives lost due to COVID-19.
We wear black to honor the essential workers and healthcare heroes on the frontlines.
We wear black to signal the death of the old versions of ourselves.
We wear gowns because pandemic or not, 2021 is going to be a five star event.

Dr. Maurya Dominica

We have all experienced or witnessed great loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has taught us all the value of family, friends, and how we spend our time during months uncertainty. The silver lining, though, is like in most recessions or economic downturns people with little have found they have little to lose. And from that realization many small businesses were birthed.

Plot Twist: With brand new perspective, 2020 has actually been the best year of our lives. We may have faced challenges, been laid off, furloughed and lost hours, but we’ve adapted. #2020 has forced us to grow and take chances. Quit jobs and start businesses we’ve always dreamed of. During COVID-19 we elected our first Black, first female Vice President of the United States of America. In 2020 we stopped surviving and started actually living; we started fighting for ourselves.

Local creative, Christian, admits as an entrepreneur, 2020 has taught her to take risks and invest in herself and her business because we never know when our time is up. We cannot control when we go but only how we live and having regrets is the only way to fail at life. Christian’s business has grown because people trust her passion, and conveniently, everyone is at home writing books.

The STL Collective

Some attendees: Ashleigh Christian Bolar, Erica N. Williams, Dr. Maurya Dominica, Christian Cashelle, Mena Darré Photography Lauren Spearman, Cassondra Hunt, Bree Wash, Eboni Sampá

THE OLIVER Apartments, Olivette, MO Fall 2021

THE OLIVER Apartments are being built where the former Olivette Fire Department once stood at 9473 Olive Blvd. On Nov. 11, 2020 a banner with THE OLIVER in bold letters along with Ridghouse Capital and Mission Constructors, LL was attached to the fence that surrounds the construction site that runs along Olive Blvd. catty corner and across from Olivette Bowl.

The multifamily apartment complex will house 151 units from studios to 2 bedrooms and is anticipated to be ready by Fall 2021.

Ridgehous Capital
Mission Constructors, LLC
Timberlake Engineering
VE Design Group
Larson Capital Management

THE OLIVER Apartments
9473 Olive Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63132
Google Maps

Chi The Model Coaches Black Female Entrepreneurs at photoshoot, Tower Grove Park

Chi the model coached 15 black female entrepreneurs during The STL Collective 2020 Photoshoot with Mena Darre doing the photography at Tower Grove Park, December 8, 2020. It was around 9:00 AM and a chilly 35 degrees when everything got started.

Chi, the best modeling and posing coach in St. Louis, teamed up with Mena, the best photographer in St. Louis, to create one of the most epic photoshoots of 2020. These two talented and beautiful young women are both so uplifting to be around and graced with etiquette that surpasses royalty.

Watch Chi The Model coach 15 of the most beautiful woman in St. Louis that happen to be entrepreneurs as well.

Before the shoot got started, Chi gathered the women and spoke:

“My name is Chi. I am going to be the posing coach today, so please, please have fun. You all look absolutely amazing. I want you to be yourselves but I may be giving you a little direction here and there.

If you happen to move or pose, I want it to be fluid. I don’t want to be seeing all this. [while she moved like robot making us LOL] I want it to be graceful, sexy and effortless, because it’s going to show up on the cameras.

So, I am going to guide you. Every now and then I might have you expose a little thigh, because that’s what I do. [sparking laughter in the crowd] We are going to have so much fun today. Right! [clapping ensued]

Chi The Model

Chi and Mena assisted all the gorgeous ladies with grace and made the entire set feel comfortable. With their talent and guidance, the shoot went smooth as butter.

SPEAKER Chi the Model
FEATURING Fifteen of the Hottest St. Louis Entrepreneurs
MUSIC “The Monkey Funk” by Yanivi from
VIDEO By Craig Currie

Chroma Apartments in The Grove gets 5-star rating

Chroma Luxury Apartments in The Grove neighborhood currently has a 5-star rating at, and if you could see how beautiful the outside looks, it’s not surprising at all.

The apartment complex is a mixed-use development with Chouteau Plaza on the street level that houses Seoul Taco, Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea, Salon Lofts, Chao Baan and the newest tenant Takashima Records & Lounge.

Right across the street there is a White Castles and the Rehab Bar and Grill as well. So you are getting the idea! Having all these food choices just a few steps away from your apartment is a luxury in itself. And Manchester Avenue, just right outside Chroma’s front door, is filled with restaurants, bars and retail on just about every corner.

Video show us driving down Manchester Ave. to CHROMA Apartments.

Take a drive down Manchester Avenue and see all the restaurants and and bars as we head toward Chroma Luxury Apartments in The Grove.

I love the lighting accents on the building at night. It turns into a beautiful work of art with different colored lighting spilling upward on the building and the front entrance with flowers, trees and shrubs looks more like a decorated mansion than an urban apartment. And the signage on the retail are all in step and give the building a classy and inviting ambience.

City Foundry STL Fall 2020 Update VIDEO

The City Foundry STL is planning to open in Spring of 2021 in the Grand Center neighborhood of St. Louis. The Fall 2020 updated was done on November 3, 2020 with temperatures around 73 degrees with sunny skies.

The tenants so far include:
Press Waffle CO.
Hello Poke
Patty’s Cheese Cakes
Poptimisim STL
Buenos Aires Cafe
City Taco Shack
Good Day
Alamo Drafthouse movie theater
Fassler Hall: authentic German Beer Hall
Fresh Thyme Farmers Market
Gateway Blend
Great Rivers Greenway
Orion Genomics
Bullhorn’s cloud-based software solutions
18Rails – The Venue @ City Foundry STL

Photos from 2019 to 2020

Guerrilla Street Food on The Delmar Loop Closes Permanently

Guerrilla Street Food owners, Brian Hardesty and Joel Crespo wrote on their Facebook page that they closed the Delmar Loop restaurant permanently on August 31, 2020. The GSF restaurant was neighbors with the former Tavoli Italian Restaurant which closed in May 2020 due to Covid-19.

The GSF owners posted on the restaurant’s official Facebook page, “We are grateful to the Delmar Loop community, the Wash U staff & students, and our fellow Loop businesses for their support these past few years.”

You can visit them at 43 South Old Orchard Rd. beginning SEPTEMBER 8th for an all-new, yet still familiar Guerrilla Street Food experience. Their food truck will be back on the streets as well. Read more on their Facebook page.

What Washington Avenue Looks Like Barricaded in Downtown St. Louis

This is a view of what Washington Avenue looks like on a Friday night (9.28.2020) while blocked off to stop late-night racing in Downtown St. Louis. The barricades are going to stay up until further notice which were strategically placed throughout the city, ordered by Mayor Lyda Krewson.

Video of what Washington Avenue looks like while blocked off on a Friday evening from traffic due to late-night speeding in Downtown St. Louis MO on 8.28.2020.

The blocked streets have curtailed the racing but have also stopped traffic driving by businesses as well. As a result, some owners have reported a decline in business. I did see people walking and going into the businesses tonight, however. I saw neighbors in the middle of the street visiting and talking about their dogs as well. They were laughing and having a wonderful time across from the House of Soul restaurant which has outside dining.

Do you like the barricades on Washington Avenue? Comment in the section below what you would do to make Washington Avenue a better community.