St. Louis City Hall – Attraction

St. Louis City Hall has been a government building since 1898 and is a featured landmark for the region. The construction of City Hall started July 19, 1890, with the cornerstone laid on June 6, 1891.

St. Louis City Hall
1200 Market St, St. Louis, MO 63103|

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott St. Louis Downtown Opens

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott in St. Louis Downtown opened early 2020.

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott St. Louis Downtown
2144 Market St,
St. Louis, MO 63103
(314) 499-0100 |

Union Station St. Louis – Attraction

St. Louis Union Station in Downtown St. Louis is a local attraction with restaurants, a Ferris wheel, miniature golf, an aquarium, and more.

Saint Louis Union Station
(314) 621-5262 |
1820 Market Street
St. Louis, MO 63103

Armory District St. Louis, mixed-use development under construction

The Armory, built in the 1930s, once housed the 138th Infantry of the Missouri National Guard and is now going to be remade into a mixed-use development with office space and restaurants.

The Armory’s history is unique. It became a mecca for training some of the best tennis players in the nation’s history. It was used as a concert venue, as well, with legendary names like Tina Turner and the Grateful Dead who filled the hall with classics that some of us still listen to today.

The redevelopment of the St. Louis Armory is being financed in part by US EPA Brownfields Sup-Grant Fund in cooperation with: Keeping St. Louis In Business Saint Louis Development Corporation.

For now, there is no exact target date for the Armory to be finished. And due to Covid-19, delays are commonplace around the globe.

Involved in the Armory project include Green Street Realestate, a St. Louis Real Estate and Construction company, and Newmark Grubb Zimmer of St. Louis.

Fencing by National Rent-A-Fence surrounds the Armory building and will stay in place during construction.

St. Louis Soccer Stadium Construction Update St Louis

MLS4TheLou soccer stadium has construction on both sides of Market Street in Downtown St. Louis next to Union Station. The stadium is being built on the northside of Market Street and the training fields on the south side of Market Street, the same side as Union Station. The opening is anticipated in 2023.

St. Louis MLS owner Carolyn Kindle Betz will reveal the name of the team on August 13 through a virtual event. The colors and icon for the team will be revealed as well.

VIDEO: location of MLS4THELOU Soccer Stadium in Downtown St. Louis.

Business owners take down boards on Washington Ave., Downtown St. Louis

7.19.2020 Update – Business owners along Washington Ave. in Downtown St. Louis had windows and doors boarded up a few weeks ago in case of looting due to the civil unrest with the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis Police Officer. All the boards and sheets of plywood have been removed from the doors and windows giving the street some normalcy once more.

There was one board on a window during the drive-through. Washington Ave. and St. Louis businesses as a whole have been devastated by Covid-19. Salt & Smoke and other restaurants have shut down again due to staff testing positive for Covid-19.

Washington Avenue resides in the center of the Historic Garment District, a once-bustling manufacturing mecca with factories making shoes and clothing around the clock. Between the late 19th century and WWII, St. Louis was 2nd only to New York in terms of garment manufacturing.

MUSIC “Just Jump” by Ian Post from
VIDEO: by Craig Currie at

Kingsland Walk in University City -construction at Vernon & Kingsland

Kingsland Walk is an assisted living and memory care facility under construction at 6721 Vernon Avenue and Kingsland in University City, MO.

Kingsland Walk
6721 Vernon Avenue
University City, MO 63130
(314) 955-6884

CVS Delmar & Skinker in The Loop Opens

CVS is now open at Delmar and Skinker, part of The Link in the Loop restaurant/retail development in the heart of The Delmar Loop in the University City neighborhood of St. Louis.

Pace Properties are managing the development and construction crews from S.M. Wilson & Co are building it. The building is slated to be done in the first half of 2020.

6201 – 6219 Delmar Boulevard
St. Louis, Missouri 63130 |

Fashion Anarchy Relaunched: a fashion designer competition in St. Louis

Fashion Anarchy Relaunched is a premier fashion designer competition that will be streamed live July 30, 2020 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (EST) in St. Louis by

Fashion Anarchy 2020 Participants will be given 48-hours for each event to create one look based on a concept/theme given to the designer and team.

The sequel to Pins and Needles Designer Competition, Fashion Anarchy takes the concept to a more industry-related event. The Preliminary Challenge (Events 1 and 2):

Participants will be given 48-hours for each event to create one look based on a concept/theme, fabric and hair/makeup team given to the designer. Each Fashion Anarchy preliminary Live-Stream event will consist of three designers. The winner of each event will advance to the final in November.

1. July – 1st Round [July 30 ] – Live Stream
2. August – 2nd Round [August 25 ] – Live Steam
3. November – FINAL COMPETITION [November TBD] – Onsite

Protesters Occupy St. Louis City Hall until Mayor Krewson Resigns

Protesters now occupy St. Louis City Hall vowing to have a presence 24/7 until Mayor Lyda Krewson resigns. Some followers of ExpectUs and Action St. Louis were there among others that just wanted to join in and see justice served to Krewson who endangered constituents by giving out names and addresses of people who wrote letters demanding police reform during a Facebook live broadcast.

More than 50 percent of most all city budgets go to public safety but crime keeps rising. We should at least try to reallocated some of these funds to our communities. For example create a recreation center out of an old building the city owns, improve infrastructure, start a work program/club/group for troubled and disenfranchise youth, start a beautification group to get federal grants for flowers to plant around the city.

ExpectUs: Five Point Protest Campaign

  • Defund Police
  • Disarm or Train Police in Deescalation
  • Free Political Prisoners
  • Close The Workhouse
  • Reparations – funds to under served communities
Protest Encampment at St. Louis City Hall will stay until Mayor Lyda Krewson resigns.

Protesters spent the night with plenty of water and snacks to hold them til morning. The tents were sprawled neatly across the lawn which looked more like an camp site.

There was a tent that advertised Legal Support STL with the phone number to call at 314 312 0863.

It was a sleep over with people playing games with basket balls while others just sat and watched as spectators. It is the only kind of sports you can watch live downtown so people seemed to be captivated.

Reverend Darryl Gray Fighting For Our Rights in CWE, St. Louis

Reverend Darryl Gray protested with ExpectUs to stand up against police brutality in the Central West End neighborhood on July 3 in St. Louis. His cadence kept us inspired to go that extra mile as we marched about two miles down Kings Highway towards Highway 64/40.

Attorney’s Mark and Patricia McCloskey called us protesters thugs and a mob after we protested down their street peacefully while they had guns pointing at us. The McCloskey’s had other names for us as well but Rev. Gray said they got one thing right, “We’re angry.

Reverand Gray continued and said,

You can’t live in America and be black and not be angry. You can’t have compassion for people and not be angry. If you can’t see what’s going on everyday, it’s not just George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Herman, Elijah, Vonderrick, it’s everyday…a different day, it’s somebody else.

Black Trans, black women, black men, this is real for us. So out of everything they said. that is the only thing they got right: that we’re angry. We are not allowing are anger to be destructive; We are allowing our anger to be productive.

Reverend Gray is a good man who is running for the Democratic nomination for State Representative in the 77th District of St. Louis.

COMMENTARY: Until we get good men like Rev. Gray in office, injustice will rule in our Justice System. I think we all can agree that our current system is broken. This is especially apparent during Covid-19 while disproportional black and brown communities continue to have higher death counts vs white communities.