Christmas on Saint Charles Main Street at Sunrise

VIDEO: Christmas on Saint Charles Main Street 12.9.2021 Credit Craig Currie

This is what historic Main Street in Saint Charles MO looks like during Christmas time, a place that hasn’t changed much since its inception 250 years ago.

The buildings on Main Street are classified as historic that lend to the character of the place. It is an old town that has remained the same for over two centuries.

In the early morning hours I saw squirrels playing on the sidewalks, couples walking there dogs, and a few people jogging. It was a safe place as most old towns are.

If you ever want to know what towns were like 250 years ago, come to Main Street and travel back in time to see first hand. Thank you for watching and Happy Holidays.

Forest Park Skating Rink to Grow Beer in Garden This Summer [FAKE NEWS]

VIDEO: Forest Park Skating Rink to Grow Beer in Garden This Summer

I visited the Alien at the Planetarium in Forest Park Forever and he said that the Forest Park Forever people told the local media people to tell us common people that the Forest Park Forever people recently learned how to grow beer in a garden, and they have tentative plans to plant the garden-that-grows-beer at the Ice Rink.

Also, the Forest Park Forever people at Forest Park Forever are thinking about having the ice skating rink open year round, but that is not possible because water don’t freeze in the Summer. I emailed Forest Park Forever about the mistake and it shows that my email has been temporarily blocked forever. I can’t wait to see the beer garden that grows beer this summer at the rink. This is Fake News Reporter Billy from

This is Fake News and is for entertainment only. Thank you for listening and have a great day.

A7SII Low Light Test during Blue Hour

I used a Sony A7SII and a 28-70 3.5-5.6 Kit Lens. I used a Zhiyun Crane Plus for the gimbal. My shutter speed was set to 1/50th, at 24 frames per second. I set the ISO on AUTO, and filmed at 4k.

The results were phenomenal since I used a full frame camera. Any full frame camera will do the job.

I took some clips at 28 millimeters and at 70 millimeters. At 28 millimeters, the footage was pretty steady. but the 70 millimeters got really shaky. However, I really like the compression of the 70 millimeters vs the 28. A lot more shows up in your footage when you increase the millimeters. The more millimeters more the zoom you will have on your footage.

This was a great low light test and of course it passed with flying colors. All full frame cameras work well in low light so this was no surprise.

CHRISTMAS banners light up The Delmar Loop in University City

University City goes the extra mile for Christmas with their holiday banners that span the Delmar Loop on Delmar Blvd. Putting the banners up took a lot of work and it is so worth it since it really helps people get in the holiday spirit of things.

Pictures really helps tell the story of what’s happening. On The Loop it is Christmas everywhere according to these sets of pictures. Thank you to everyone at City Hall for putting up the Christmas decorations again this year.

They banners are beautiful and the way they light up Delmar and reflect in the windows and off the cars is a photographers dream. Now let’s add some rain for even more reflections and drama to the pictures.

VIDEO: CHRISTMAS banners light up The Delmar Loop in University City, MO. 12.8.2021 Credit Craig Currie

See Christmas décor on Delmar Blvd. in University City, MO

Christmas lights and décor on Delmar Blvd. in University City was filmed on December 6, 2021 to give out-of-towners and people who are unable to come down a chance to see what this historic and famous street looks like during the Holidays.

The Delmar Loop in University City is a buzzing entertainment and dining hub, with an eclectic mix of food from around the world, that includes Korean, Soul, Chinese, Thai, Asian, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, BBQ and American comfort food.

VDIEO: See The Delmar Loop decorated for Christmas on 12.6.2021. Credit Craig Currie

Locally famous people are immortalized on the Saint Louis Walk of Fame. Similar to Hollywood, there are brass stars in the sidewalk with text that tells all about them. You will see names like Maya Angelou, Betty Grable, as well as Chuck Berry, whose statue is nearby.

Music venues like the Pageant and Delmar Hall features a mix of rock, roots, hip hop, indie gigs, Rhythm and Blues, and rap.

The Trolley is not online this year but there is talk that it will be back someday. Hey. . maybe they could make the Trolley battery operated so they could get rid of all the wires. Okay. . maybe not!

Thanks for viewing this video. This is Rosie at photonews247 signing off. Happy Holliday’s Everyone!

St. Louis’ Original Wintermarkt 2021 featured in Vlog

VIDEO: The St. Louis’ Original Wintermarkt 2021 was filmed on Dec.4.2021. Credit Craig Currie

Today I visited the St. Louis’ Original Wintermarkt 2021at the Greg Freeman Park and all the artsy and hand made products were made all in town and mostly in the Skinker-DeBaliviere neighborhood.

Wintermarkt is an annual outdoor German-inspired celebration featuring unique arts & crafts, local beer, food and live music organized by the Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council.

There were so many items but I fell in love with the handmade one-of-a-kind Christmas wreaths that were absolutely beautiful. I just had to get one. I got a few other things, as well, such as a small ceramic snowman ornament and a small glass Angel.

St Louis’ Original Wintermarkt 2021
Sat, Dec 4, 5 – 10 PM
Greg Freeman Park, Kingsbury Ave, St. Louis, MO

Costco in University City at Olive & 170 coming soon!

Costco University City now has a retainer wall as of December, 4 2021. Credit Craig Currie

A Costco will be part of University Place, a new retail development under construction in University City at I-170 and Olive Blvd. Costco will be the anchor store of many other retail, restaurants and the like that will create over 700 jobs. Currently in December of 2021, a brick wall was constructed as a retainer barrier.

The multiple commercial projects will be done in phases that will end up covering both sides of Olive Boulevard east of Interstate 170. So far in the works is a Costco, Apartments, Senior Living, Hotel and a Grocery Store to name a few. Companies that are involved with the development include the best in St. Louis: Clayco, CRG, Seneca, Holland and Hutkin Properties Group.

Insta360 ONE X2, Vlogging Camera That Gets It All

Insta360 ONE X2 Films Walmart Grocery Pickup in Manchester, MO on 12.3.2021. Credit Craig Currie

I used the Insta360 ONE X2 camera today to see if it is all I need while vlogging around town and doing chores, like picking up groceries at Walmart. I found out that this camera is truly like having a camera crew with you on set, filming everything, because that is what ends up on the memory card of the ONE X2,,everything. Whether it’s behind you, in front, above, below….it gets it all.

The insta360 ONE X2 was on a selfie stick, going through the sunroof the entire time, and caught everything like no other camera could. I am sold on this camera and I can’t wait for the upgrade. Thank you for watching and have a nice day

Walmart Grocery Pickup Service, See How its Done in Timelapse Video

Timelapse Video: Walmart Grocery Pickup Service in Manchester Mo. in St. Louis County 12.3.2021 Credit

St. Louis County – Walmart Grocery Pickup Service at the Manchester store in St. Louis County is contactless and is about the safest you can get. When you pull up, you call the number on the sign and your groceries will be loaded by staff within minutes.

When you place your order online, you can either pick your groceries up or have them delivered right at your door. The pickup orders are mostly ready the very next day. Delivery usually takes a few days longer depending on how busy Walmart is.

I hope this video helped you get a feel of what its like to pickup groceries at Walmart. This is Grace, reporting for PhotoNews247… Have a nice day. – Video below shows how it is done!