Virtual Beauty Buzz, St. Louis Press Club, Neiman Marcus – a film by Miran Halen

Virtual Beauty Buzz, by Neiman Marcus and St Louis Press Club, was filmed and produced by Co-chair Miran Halen who went behind the scenes to film and collect clips from others to give us a more in-depth look at what it looks like to put together a Zoom event during a pandemic.

By the time Halen was done collecting, she had hours of material to present and ended up with a short documentary under seven minutes that has been said by critics to be “Very Entertaining” and “Fun to Watch” to name a few. She told a story about the Beauty Buzz event beyond the Zoom screen and what it entails to put one together.

St. Louis Press Club & Neiman Marcus Beauty Buzz Raises Over $12,000 for Journalism Scholarships

Jasmine Huda, Fox 2 News anchor and reporter, was the emcee for the show along with 100+ viewers from all over the United States. The exclusive online event aired on September 12, 2020 and was coined with the phrase “Bright Eyed and Ready to Face the Day.” This little soiree happened to raised over $12,000 for local students seeking scholarships for journalism.

We were all taught how to put on make-up and were given tips on skincare from beauty experts at Nieman Marcus who featured products such as Bobbie Brown, Chantecaille, and La Mer.

This years Beauty Buzz was a success beyond what was expected. We can’t wait for the trail-blazing Miran Halen and her posse from the Press Club have in store for next year’s Beauty Buzz.

Our sincere thanks to our incomparable Beauty Buzz co-chairs Phyllis Langsdorf and Miran Halen for their incredible leadership during this difficult time. This year’s Beauty Buzz was truly a success thanks to their leadership as well as our event sponsors and our partner for the last 10 years, Neiman Marcus.
William Greenblatt, President of St. Louis Press Club

Credits and Attendees
Joan Lee Berkman Publicity Chair Beauty Buzz
Meghan Gunn Scholarship Recipient St. Louis Press Club
Jasmine Huda Celebrity Emcee Anchor/Reporter, KTVI Fox 2
William Greenblatt – Photographer President & Treasurer St. Louis Press Club
Phyllis Langsdorf Co-Chair Beauty Buzz
Miran Halen Co-Chair Beauty Buzz Film Producer/Director/Editor Photographer/Videographer
Cheryl Dimauro Neiman Marcus St. Louis
Lindsey Barile Neiman Marcus St. Louis
Laura Schnarr Executive Director St. Louis Press Club
Glenda Partlow Executive Director St. Louis Press Club
Alice Handelman Advisory Chair Beauty Buzz
Special Thanks to: Fox 2 News, Gazelle, Ladue News, St. Louis Jewish Light, Town and Style, Classic 107.3


Saint Louis Fashion Fund Party Photos

These Saint Louis Fashion Fund party photos are all from pre-pandemic events which were highly successful. From fashion competitions to famous names like Karlie Kloss, SLFF attracts and supports everything that has to do with local fashion and manufacturing which benefits us all.

Susan Sherman, one of the co-founders of SLFF, is our Anna Wintour of St. Louis. She happens to be one of the main people responsible for getting Evolution STL, a high-tech knitting company to open in St. Louis. The company now makes apparel for the St. Louis Blues, a huge win for St. Louis and a big Kudos for the STL Fashion Fund.

All this said, SLFF did what it set out to do, to bring back apparel manufacturing to the Lou one company at a time. You can’t talk about SLFF without mentioning Sherman, a stunning woman that knows fashion like Einstein knew physics. It’s just that simple.

SLFF continues to work during the pandemic making masks for the masses including hat designer Dianne Isbell who is operating from home for now. Once the pandemic is over, you can count on an increase in apparel manufacturing in St. Louis thanks to amazing team and directors at the SLFF.

Below are just a few photos of what it looked like during these amazing fashion soirees before the pandemic. .

Missouri Bar & Grille Permanently Closes During Pandemic 1983-2020

Missouri Bar & Grille opened in 1983 and closed its doors permanently on December 5, 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. In its heyday, the bar was filled with workers from the Saint Louis Globe Democratic and the Saint Louis Post Dispatch.

After 134 years, The Globe Democrat closed its doors in 1986. The Post Dispatch, in 2019, moved a few blocks away into a miniscule building compared to the 6-floor monstrosity it formally resided in on Tucker Blvd. The former building had over 1000 workers in the 90s and has decreased rapidly over the years due to tech.

The service of the bar never dwindle, it was the people. From the production crews to the writers at the Post, they would stop in morning, noon and night since the “Paper” had people working around the clock.

From blue-collar workers to big business moguls, MoBar had them all. Every now and then you would see umpires come in to cool down after working a Cardinals game to boot. It was a busy bar in its day!

The pandemic has changed the entire landscape regarding bars and eateries. The tough question is will it ever get back to normal? I hear a lot of smart people saying that wearing a mask is here to stay since doctors are reporting that Covid-19 will never completely go away. With that said, I guess masks won’t either.

St. Louis losing MoBar is a tragedy for all of us and the memories will be cherished. The website is still active for now at https://missouribarandgrille.com

AC Hotel Jefferson St. Louis Coming

The Jefferson Arms Hotel in downtown St. Louis is going to be redeveloped by Dallas-based Alterra Worldwide. The 13-story building at 415 North Tucker Boulevard will feature restaurants, offices and retail at street level, apartments on the top two floors, and about 240 hotel rooms will occupy the rest of the building.

HISTORY: Hotel Jefferson was a 13-story hotel that opened in time for 1904 World’s Fair and was converted into apartments in the 1970s.

AC Hotel Jefferson Marriott (Jefferson Arms Hotel)
415 North Tucker Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63106

Jana M. Gamble and Monica R. Butler Meet While Surviving Pandemic

Fun Birthday Magazine Cover Featuring Mentor & Mentee for Jana’s Birthday on January 14th. Photo credit
Purposed Productions via Saint Louis University Service Leadership Student Alyssa Jimenez.
Fun Birthday Magazine Cover Featuring Mentor & Mentee for Jana’s Birthday on January 14th. Photo credit
Purposed Productions via Saint Louis University Service Leadership Student Alyssa Jimenez.

A Habit of Mentoring to Make a Difference….
Servanthood While Surviving the Pandemic

ST. LOUIS, MO. | USA – To celebrate her birthday a local entrepreneur chose to honor the program that has kept both her business and her family lifted throughout the global crises and emotional rollercoaster ride of 2020. Jana M. Gamble found a flyer for Habitat for Neighborhood Business at Saint Louis University (HNB-SLU) back in 2019 outside of her home.

She was instantly intrigued about the program, but didn’t apply until months later. HNB-SLU strives to restore urban neighborhoods with new and additional business activity, job growth, and business role models.

Jana, owner of It’s A Gamble, LLC DBA Purposed Productions was accepted into HNB-SLU’s program in September 2019 and shared with Dr. Gladys Smith (Program Director), and Mrs. Linda M. Jones (Executive Director) how much it meant for her to know that she would finally be on the cusp of being paired with a mentor.

“For years I was searching for a woman mentor in film- someone that speaks my language and that can help me grow into the creative I was purposed to be! ”

(Standing) Jana M. Gamble - Mentee (Seated) Monica R. Butler - Mentor
Photo credit Purposed Productions via Saint Louis University Service Leadership Student Alyssa Jimenez.
(Standing) Jana M. Gamble – Mentee (Seated) Monica R. Butler – Mentor
Photo credit Purposed Productions via Saint Louis University Service Leadership Student Alyssa Jimenez.

It’s been said that during the most difficult times one’s character is tested and their true colors are revealed. During these dueling pandemics, Habitat For Neighborhood Business at SLU proved to Purposed Productions that they are a solid force of leadership and strength for small businesses in our community.

In 2020, HNB-SLU paired Gamble with the perfect mentor for her- Producer Monica R. Butler, QuickBooks, Website Design, connected her with a SLU Service Leadership Team, provided all of the HNB-SLU Mentees with COVID grant resources, COVID education resources, SBA resources, food coupons to support fellow business owners’ establishments, and more.

(Seated) Dyawna Gamble, (Left to Right) Monica R. Butler, Jana M. Gamble | August 9th, 2020 following Virtual
Celebrity Town Hall in honor of Michael Brown, Jr.
(Seated) Dyawna Gamble, (Left to Right) Monica R. Butler, Jana M. Gamble | August 9th, 2020 following Virtual
Celebrity Town Hall in honor of Michael Brown, Jr.

The most special characteristic that Habitat for Neighborhood Business at SLU, Saint Louis University and their
Service Leadership Program, Jana M. Gamble and her Mentor Ms. Butler has in common is this beautiful quality
called servanthood.

Having a heart to serve others at the core, besides their love for film is why Gamble and Butler connect so fluidly. Both women have a vision that is bigger than them and are reaching beyond the stars to make these dreams a reality for the future of film in St. Louis thanks to their HNB-SLU partnership.

(Left to Right) Producer Jana M. Gamble dropping gems on actress Aliyah Muhammad before her shooting her
scene for a proof of concept on November 29th, 2020. Photo credit: Monica R. Butler
(Left to Right) Producer Jana M. Gamble dropping gems on actress Aliyah Muhammad before her shooting her
scene for a proof of concept on November 29th, 2020. Photo credit: Monica R. Butler

“The great part about this mentorship program is that we get to learn from one another and grow together. We feed off of one another. It is truly a beautiful thing.”

Leadership is more important now than ever before, and no matter how old you are you can be a leader. Saint
Louis University is molding students to think ethically and to embrace servant leadership and social change in both their professional and personal philosophies through their Service Leadership Program (SLP).

In December Gamble contacted Alyssa, a SLU Service Leadership student who was assigned to study Gamble’s business in a SLU Leadership course partnership with Habitat for Neighborhood Business at SLU, to join her for the photo shoot and virtual round table that Jana and her mentor were co-producing.

Now, just as Alyssa took the time to sow her graphic design skills into Purposed Productions- Jana provided her student the opportunity to not just be at a photoshoot for the first time, but to actually take the reigns, and try shooting her first photos which she did an absolutely phenomenal job!

Monica R. Butler in her mask at the camera observes the previous shot taking place during the production on
November 27, 2020 as Producer and Director Craig Thomas instructs the talent in the background. Photo credit:
Purposed Productions
Monica R. Butler in her mask at the camera observes the previous shot taking place during the production on
November 27, 2020 as Producer and Director Craig Thomas instructs the talent in the background. Photo credit:
Purposed Productions

Purposed Productions and The Butler Group would like to thank Habitat for Neighborhood Business at SLU for the extraordinary work they are doing in the community to uplift and restore small businesses like ours- On Purpose!

Link to the Habitat For Neighborhood Business Program at Saint Louis University
Saint Louis University’s Service Leadership Program

For more information on how you can join Habitat For Neighborhood Business at SLU contact HNB-SLU at
314.977.3625 or visit www.habitatforneighborhoodbusiness.org

Want to learn more about Purposed Production’s programs and services? Email PurposedProductions@gmail.com or visit www.PurposedProductions.com

The Butler Group is paving the way for new opportunities in film email: production@thebutlergrp.com to see how you can get involved today!

For media inquiries, and interviews, please contact Jana M. Gamble at 314.349.0640 or send an email to

Facebook (@HabitatForNeighborhoodBusiness) Instagram (@hfnbnational) and Twitter (@HabitatNB1)

For the latest news and updates, follow Purposed Productions on Facebook, Instagram @PurposedProductions, and Twitter @Purposed_Prods Hashtags include #PurposedProductions #HPNStL

HNB-SLU partners with Saint Louis University students and volunteer business people to help
restore economic vitality to under-served neighborhoods through mentoring, networking and
education for existing and aspiring minority entrepreneurs. In addition, HNB collaborates with
developers, the government and others sharing our interests in strengthening neighborhood

It’s A Gamble, LLC DBA Purposed Productions was established in 2014 in St. Louis, MO.
Purposed Production is bringing Hollywood to St. Louis through film, tv, and providing youth
opportunities to explore history & the healing art of filmmaking. Representing dynamic Artists
and Speakers transforming the world by Speaking on Purpose. Purposed Productions also
produces virtual events catering to our clients with customized Concierge Service to serve your
virtual event needs.

The Butler Group is a film corporation based in St. Louis, MO. TBG is fueled by mentor driven
and creative professional industry partnerships that allow youth and learners of all ages to gain
priceless hands-on real-world experience that cannot be duplicated in a classroom setting.

Last Hotel resides in former International Shoe Building in St. Louis Garment District

The 1909 International Shoe Company building was rebuilt by PARIC Construction into a 142-room boutique hotel called The Last Hotel in the heart of the Historic Garment District on Washington Ave. in Downtown St. Louis.

VIDEO: A rooftop view from The Last Kitchen + Bar known for its tasty pre-Prohibition style whiskey and cocktails.

The old ten-story 160,000 sq. ft. building was originally designed by Union Station architect Theodore C. Link. Period originals are still intact including the terrazzo floors, exposed brick walls, and barrel ceilings. The Last Kitchen + Bar located on the rooftop is known for its beautiful view of downtown’s Garment District and its tasty pre-Prohibition style whiskey and handcrafted cocktails.

Next NGA West St. Louis Under Construction

The Next NGA West is under construction and the video is an update on the progress. The Next NGA West is a $1.7B construction project that is in charge of building the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in St. Louis. The video of the Next NGA construction site was filmed with a car-cam while driving on Jefferson Ave.

The 97-acre project site is located in the historic St. Louis Place neighborhood at the intersection of Jefferson and Cass avenues.

VIDEO The video of the Next NGA construction site was filmed with car-cam while driving on Jefferson Ave.

National Geospatial Intelligence Agency NGA W. St. Louis | NextNGAWest.com Construction by McCarthy HITT with Black & Veatch Gensler JV MccarthyHittNGA.com

Tiny Homes for Homeless N. Jefferson and MLK Drive, St. Louis

Fifty tiny homes for the Homeless on Jefferson Avenue and MLK Drive was talked about by Mayor Lyda Krewson in press release in November of 2020. She lived up to her word and I got a chance to see the community from a distance. People are already living in this gated community and have 24/7 on-site security for piece of mind.

Krewson announced in the release that the “tiny house community will provide additional access to safe shelter and compassionate care for members of the unhoused community, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”

“This forward-thinking, innovative, and efficient approach to housing has been done in some other cities, but never in St. Louis. I’m proud that we continue to invest more resources than any other governmental entity in the region to address various issues associated with homelessness. This tiny house community expands our current capacity to help more people and builds on our longstanding commitment to connecting those in need to more stable housing environments,” said Mayor Lyda Krewson.

The tiny homes sits at 900 N. Jefferson Avenue, formally a St. Louis RV Park. St. Louis City received $600,000 in federal CARES Act money in Spring 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19. The funds help with the deleterious effect COVID-19 placed on its heath systems, humanitarian needs and economic loss.

Krewson went on by adding, “I’m grateful to my staff and the various City departments who came together collaboratively and proactively to prioritize this project and the needs of the most vulnerable among us.”

This marks the second tiny house village announced by Mayor Krewson for unhoused individuals located in the City of St. Louis. The first one, announced by Mayor Krewson, was the Veterans Community Project (VCP) in partnership with the Kansas City, Mo.-based non-profit.

Homer G. Phillips Hospital Jefferson Ave & Cass Ave

Construction of the Homer G. Phillips Hospital has begun at Jefferson & Cass Avenues in St. Louis. When completed it will be a three-bed hospital with an emergency room.

The hospital is part of a Northside Regeneration plan with an estimated cost of $20.5 It is being built on the same land where former Pruitt-Igoe housing project once stood. Across the street from Homer G. Phillips Hospital is where the new NGA building is currently under construction.

Homer G. Phillips Hospital
Jefferson Ave & Cass Ave
St. Louis, MO 63106

Virtual New Years Eve Fireworks, Gateway Arch St. Louis

This virtual fireworks display with the St. Louis Gateway Arch in view was rearranged for New Year’s Eve. Since there were no big fireworks displays in St. Louis, I thought it would be nice to do an artsy arrangement of some old footage from July 2019 filmed from from Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park in East St. Louis.

VIDEO: Virtual fireworks display with St. Louis Gateway Arch in view re-edited for New Year’s Eve.

Saint Louis Ballet holds Kickoff Party at Neiman Marcus

The Saint Louis Ballet held its Spring Gala Kickoff on the 2nd floor of Neiman Marcus in the Plaza Frontenac shopping center in St. Louis.

The Spring Gala Kickoff is the pre-party and fundraiser that is held each year before the actual Spring Gala. This year’s Gala was named “An Enchanted Night In The Garden” scheduled for April 18, 2020, but was canceled due to Covid-19.

I thought it would be would bring some hope to some to see what life was like in February 2020 before Covid-19 became common knowledge. I remember it wasn’t until mid March that I heard of any warnings about Covid-19.

I am sure sometime time next year, things will be get back to some kind of normalcy once again. So be safe. Wear your mask, practice social distancing and wash your hands often, three things that have become a part of our lives in 2020.

EVENT: Spring Gala Kickoff
HOSTED BY: Saint Louis Ballet
VENUE: Neiman Marcus, Plaza Frontenac
DATE: Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Saint Louis Fashion Fund Under Construction in Grand Center Arts District

Saint Louis Fashion Fund is currently under construction in the historic building at 3333 Washington Avenue, owned and operated by the Kranzberg Arts Foundation in Grand Center Arts District.

According to Google Maps, Ramz Medical Supply Company resided here at one time.

Saint Louis Fashion Fund under construction at 3333 Washington Avenue in Grand Center Arts District.

Tiny Houses for Veterans in St. Louis Coming Soon

The Veterans Community Project will be a village of 50 tiny homes for homeless Veterans at the corner of N. Grand Ave. and Aldine Ave. in St. Louis. There will be a Veterans Outreach Center that will connect Veterans to services in the area as well.

The houses will be free including utilities. The mini homes will come with all the furnishings as well: bed, appliances and the like.

On Friday, October 16, 2020, VCP officially dedicated land for VCP Village in St. Louis, Missouri.

Special thanks to speakers Governor Mike Parson, Senator Jamilah Nasheed, St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas, Senator Jill Schupp, and Dr. Amanda Andrade as well as elected officials from St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri who helped us celebrate this milestone event. 


Veterans United Foundation, Atlas, Blitz Bardgett & Deutsch, Castle, Fields Food, Finkel + Williams Architecture, Kadean Construction, SLDC St. Louis Development Corporation, RD RemigerDesign, Sansone Group, Serious Barbecue, Sioux Chief