OCT 10, 2015 - Wind Turbines on Farm along Hwy 39 in Cherry Valley, Illinois/photonews247.com

The Wind Turbines along Hwy 39 in Illinois

MENDOTA, IL – OCT 24: The giant wind turbines along Hwy 39 (also SR 51) in Mendota Hills and Cherry Valley, Illinois are known as Wind Farms.

The Menodota Wind Farm consists of 63 wind turbines that stand 214 ft (65.23 m) tall with each blade 85 ft (35.91 m) long. The turbines went online in November 2003, producing 50.4 megawatts annually, enough power to supply 11,000 to 15,000 homes.

Wind energy was used back in 5000 BC and now is now the ‘fastest-growing source of electricity in the world’ says the Wind Energy Foundation based in Washington DC. Just one wind turbine can currently power up to 500 homes.