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Why St. Louis Population is Decreasing

Here are three possible reasons why the population of St. Louis is decreasing: crime, urbanization and inequality.

Where is all the cars on Market Street in Downtown St. Louis November 1, 2022.
Where are the cars on Market Street in Downtown St. Louis on November 1, 2022.

St. Louis has a history of high crime rates, which could be a factor in the city’s declining population. According to data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in 2020, St. Louis had one of the highest violent crime rates among cities with populations over 250,000. The city’s violent crime rate was more than three times the national average, and its property crime rate was also higher than the national average.

Many cities have experienced a trend of urbanization and suburbanization, with people and businesses moving out of the city center and into the suburbs. This has led to economic challenges in the city of St. Louis, as businesses and residents have left for the suburbs. Recently, Brown & Croupon, one of the biggest law firms in St. Louis, and KMOV, a local tv station announced they are moving out of Downtown to the suburbs.

St. Louis has a high level of income inequality, with a large gap between wealthy and poor residents. This can create economic challenges for the city, as it can be difficult for lower-income residents to afford basic necessities and for businesses to thrive.