Washington Avenue Entertainment District blocked off with barricades due to late-night racing in Downtown St. Louis. (Aug. 28, 2020)

What Washington Avenue Looks Like Barricaded in Downtown St. Louis

This is a view of what Washington Avenue looks like on a Friday night (9.28.2020) while blocked off to stop late-night racing in Downtown St. Louis. The barricades are going to stay up until further notice which were strategically placed throughout the city, ordered by Mayor Lyda Krewson.

Video of what Washington Avenue looks like while blocked off on a Friday evening from traffic due to late-night speeding in Downtown St. Louis MO on 8.28.2020.

The blocked streets have curtailed the racing but have also stopped traffic driving by businesses as well. As a result, some owners have reported a decline in business. I did see people walking and going into the businesses tonight, however. I saw neighbors in the middle of the street visiting and talking about their dogs as well. They were laughing and having a wonderful time across from the House of Soul restaurant which has outside dining.

Do you like the barricades on Washington Avenue? Comment in the section below what you would do to make Washington Avenue a better community.