GIBSONTON / SOUTH SHORE, FL – JUNE 4: The ‘Welcome to Gibsonton’ sign is located at the intersection of Lula Street and US-41, just south of the US-41 bridge that goes over Alafia River at William’s Park in Gibsonton, FL.

Gibsonton is a small-wintering carnival town, known for its off-season sideshows during the winter months that still go on today.

The most famous act that came from Gibsonton was the Lobster Boy played by Grady Franklin Stiles Junior who was murdered in 1992 (1937– 1992).

Even now, unique zoning laws enables residents to keep circus trailers and elephants on their front lawns.

Gibsonton’s population during the 2010 US Census was 14,234, an increase of 62.6% since 2000.

Facebook page called Concerned Citizens Of Gibsonton was created in 2013 that focuses on civic improvements and programs for the area.

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