June 7, 2015 - Brandon Welcome sign on Brand Blvd (SR 60), Brandon, FL

Welcome To Brandon sign near Westfield Brandon Mall

BRANDON, FL – The Welcome To Brandon sign along Brandon Blvd (SR 60) is located next to Westfield Brandon Mall in Brandon, FL.

The sign reads:

Welcome to Brandon..Great Today, Greater Tomorrow

BRIEF HISTORY:  Brandon began in August 1858 when John Brandon (1809-1886) started purchasing land in the New Hope area (now Brandon).

John Brandon decided to name the land Brandon shortly after his second purchase of land.

Brandon’s population count during the 2010 census totaled 103,483. Read more history and information about Brandon at the source: wikipedia.org.


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  1. Craig – I would like to use one of your photos of the Brandon sign – can you email me?

    1. Hi Mandy,
      Of course, you can use the pictures and any other picture you may find on my site at Photonews247.com…It was so nice of you to ask…have a great day…sincerely, craig

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