Christmas on Saint Charles Main Street

Saint Charles Christmas Traditions on Main Street: A CHRISTMAS CAROL STROLL

Saint Charles Christmas Traditions on Main Street attracts thousands of people each year who look forward to eating and gathering gifts for the holidays. This year’s theme is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens with Main Street transformed into a 1840s London movie. The video gives people an idea of what’s going on but doesn’t come close to capturing the magic you feel when you are walking the cobblestones streets of old Main Street.

There are real actors and actresses on the streets who play many roles which include the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet-to-Come and they never get out of character in this live play that spans Main Street. There are Victorian carolers who are dressed in high fashion 1840s apparel, while singing classic Christmas tunes that echo through the crowd. Like the singing is music to the ears, the traveling acroama of chestnuts being roasted on an open fire is sweet to the smell.

There is a detailed guide for all the events during the week at, which has everything you need to know. Parking is free and you can even park on Main Street if you can find a spot.