ONE AT&T Center building Downtown St. Louis Spring

Vacant High Rise Buildings in Downtown St. Louis

ONE AT&T Center tower Downtown St. Louis
VACANT in St. Louis – ONE AT&T Center, Downtown St. Louis credit craig currie

See the four major vacant and abandon high rise buildings in Downtown St. Louis in this Fall 2021 video report. The buildings mentioned include the Jefferson Arms Apartments (closed 2014), the Railway Exchange Building Famous Barr (closed 2012), the AT&T Building (closed 2017) and the Millennium Hotel (closed 2014).

Due to the pandemic, these high rise buildings became less important once business owners discovered its workers can accomplish sometimes even more while working at home. Increased productivity without the high cost of rent has become the new normal that’s not going away anytime soon.

The Jefferson Arms Apartment building was being renovated into a hotel by Alterra, a Dallas based developer. The owners of the other three buildings are waiting for funding or developers to take the reigns so to speak.