Veterans Clinic US-301 Riverview, FL SouthShore

VA Clinic, Hwy 301, Riverview, FL

SOUTHSHORE / RIVERVIEW, FL – A Veterans Outpatient Clinic will soon be under construction along US-301 next to the Summerfield Crossing shopping center in Riverview, FL. (correction: Clinic not Hospital)

UPDATE 12.6.2016: The 20.7 acres of land for the new VA Clinic was purchased by the VA HILLSBOROUGH INVESTORS LLC for $3,275,000 on November 4th, 2016 according to Hillsborough County Records.

The nearest VA Hospital from the future Riverview VA Clinic is the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital on Bruce B. Downs Blvd, about 26 miles away. This will make it more convenient for veterans in need of care.

A few years back, I drove myself and a friend to the VA on Bruce B. Downs a couple of times a month.  My friends name was Harold Quinn – God rest his soul. We all called him Hal.

He was a war hero who served on a B1 Bomber in WWII. He got a kick out of my laugh and free spirit; and I was in awe of his reverence to God and his love he had for his wife Norine.

And even though we had a great time talking and making jokes on the way up and back from the VA, a location in Southshore would have been easier on us both. (in memory of my friend Hal)

See an aerial view of the the vacant land where the VA is planned on Google Maps

Tell us your thoughts on the new VA SouthShore Clinic in the comment section below – no name or email required.

Veterans Outpatient Clinic (2018)
10704 Fairway Meadow Dr. Riverview, FL 33578


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  1. C. T. Levsen Avatar
    C. T. Levsen

    Without knowing a specific extension number it is not possible to contact any department in the Riverview Clinic. Calling the Riverview main number numerous times resulted in being transferred to the operator at the main hospital, James A. Haley. Additional transfers produce three or four additional transfers each one ringing for several minutes. When you finally get to speak to someone it is never at Riverview. Visiting the Riverview facility is equally challenging. The numerous volunteers are eager to offer assistance and direct you some ware any ware. Never wanting to admit they have no idea. There is no map of the facility or listing of extension numbers available to the public. The Riverview Clinic is new and is experiencing startup pains. Things will improve. They have to. It can’t get any worse.

  2. B 1 bomber ? check your facts

  3. I may be interested in volunteering at this new location. I live nearby. How would I go about that?

  4. Roger Hatt Avatar
    Roger Hatt

    I’m a veteran from michigan . We are in riverview to for the winter. If I need a doctor can I go to the new clinic to see one thank you

  5. I’m pretty sure nobody served on a B1 in WW2…fact check. Cold War era B1 wasn’t commissioned until Regan brought it back from scrapped plans. The first tail # is an 83 model.

  6. Thank, God. I’m tired of driving all the way to the Women’s Center.


    How can I apply for a MA position?

  8. Sherre Ungar Avatar
    Sherre Ungar

    How can we apply for nursing jobs at this location?

    1. Edward Wilson Avatar
      Edward Wilson

      What is the primary phone number at the Riverview VA Clinic?

  9. Debbie Faratro Avatar
    Debbie Faratro

    How can you apply for job at this location once it opens? Thank you.

    1. I would like to find out how to apply. I am a chef by trade, but now have a degree in dietetic technician – my master’s degree is an MPA in food & nutrition policy. Can you please send me the link to apply at our beautiful new center in Riverview! I live blocks away, and I am happy to be a part of the opening team. I understand that the foodservice is contracted out.
      (only if I stay away from the yeast rolls at Texas Road House)
      Many thanks, Anne

    2.  Avatar

      through James Haley. which is the Tampa Va

  10. Oh my God I cant wait… Veteran Daughter.

  11. This is great news! Great for veterans. Where will open positions be posted?

  12. Ronnie L Jones Avatar
    Ronnie L Jones

    Well this will be a great thing for the Vets in south Hills. it is such a nightmare trying to get to the James Hally or even to Fletcher Ave. I can’t wait for this thing to open. It will be like the one on Fletcher Ave., is this correct??

  13. Ronnie L Jones Avatar
    Ronnie L Jones

    This will be such a blessing to a lot of Vets out here in south Hills. that ride to VA hospital or even to flecherave. is such a night mare

  14. JACK WAGENTI Avatar


  15. Rich Kinkade Avatar
    Rich Kinkade

    According to the Tampa Bay Times and the construction company, it’s a 65,000 square foot outpatient clinic. This one seems real.

    Rich, I can’t thank you enough for posting this and I sincerely apologize for having Hospital instead of Clinic in the post.

  16. I’l believe it when I see it…thanks for the hopefully info.

  17. Am I understanding correctly that this will be a hospital and not a community based outpatient center (cboc)? That would make my husband and I delighted to get all of our care and medications so close to home!

    It is an outpatient center. I sincerly apologize for having hospital in the post. with deep regret…craig

  18. Property was sold a few days ago. Expect construction to begin Spring of next year.

    Rob, thank you for your comment. I looked up the sale and it was recently purchased by VA HILLSBOROUGH INVESTORS LLC for over 3 million.

    1. VA Clinic, it is awesome, I can not wait. How can I apply for a job a this location?

  19. In one of the above pictures, Aldi is mentioned to be built at this location. Is that still true?

    ADMIN REPLY: Hi Fred. I had to change the photo. Aldi is in plans to be built next to the old Citco gas station and by the new First Watch restaurant, which is on the other side of 301 from the proposed VA.

  20. Marty and Jean Palmer Avatar
    Marty and Jean Palmer

    Thanks be to God for the VA hospital in Riverview! Much appreciated by my husband (who served in Viet Nam) and I who are both veterans, and live in Wimauma.

    1. That would be great for vets ,they desperately need it.

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