Unhoused moved next door to St. Louis City Hall after being evicted.

Unhoused Bill Of Rights, Includes Safe Place For Homeless, Not Supported in St. Louis

Protest signs at homeless encampment at St. Louis City Hall 2023 during the heat wave.
Protest signs with PLAT PETITIONS at homeless encampment at St. Louis City Hall 2023 during heat wave. AI 2023

The Unhoused Bill of Rights is a proposed bill in St. Louis, Missouri. The bill would: 

  • Prevent city workers from evicting campers unless they can offer shelter beds
  • Provide access to showers, toilets, and 24-hour security
  • Repeal ordinances that criminalize homelessness
  • Guarantee protections for those displaced when intentional encampments are disbanded
  • Amend the zoning code to broaden shelter access
  • Create a pathway for safe camping areas
  • Remove barriers to establishing homeless shelters
Rev. Barbi Click, Manager of Trinity Food Ministry, said there are mothers with children living in their cars in St. Louis during meeting for Unhoused Bill Or Rights at St. Louis City Hall Oct. 2023.

The bill comes after the city removed a homeless camp from the City Hall lawn three weeks ago

Opposition to the Unhoused Bill Of Rights include Mayor Tashara Jones, Aldermen Anne Schweitzer, Michael Browning, and Shameem Clark Hubbard. This bill would have made it easier to open homeless shelters in St. Louis and make encampments a safe refuge for the unhoused to go.