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Twistee Treat, Riverview (301 & Big Bend)

SOUTHSHORE / RIVERVIEW, FL – Twistee Treat ice cream is located in the Summerfield Crossing shopping center in the parking lot next to Publix at US-301 and Big Bend Rd. in Riverview, FL.

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Twistee Treats
Summerfield Crossing
13122 S US-301
Riverview, FL 33578
Website: twisteetreat.com
Map: google.com/maps


2 responses to “Twistee Treat, Riverview (301 & Big Bend)”

  1. Susan D'Agostino Avatar
    Susan D’Agostino

    This place won’t last…………………………………

    Rude, poorly-trained employees working Sat. P.M., 3-17-2018, at Twistee Treat in Riverview, with no clue about the difference in the sizes of the ice cream they serve, so they chose to argue with a paying customer instead and tell me that I was wrong.

    Dip for dipped cones is very runny & doesn’t coat the ice cream, causing it to leak out & drip through many little holes in the dip.

    Bottom line: If you only have 2 cake cone sizes, Kid size & Regular, yet are offering multiple sizes of ice cream cones (i.e., Kid size, Small, Medium, Large cones), isn’t it common sense that the Small, Medium, Large cones are all served on the regular cone??? The size pertains to the amount of ice cream, not the size of the 2 cones.

    Interestingly, my cone was remade wrong and thrown out to start over 3 times in a row and it was made a different size each time. None of them got it right. Yet one employee had the nerve to tell me I was wrong — that the Kid sized cone is in fact their Small size, which is not true. It never occurred to this employee that they have no clue what they’re doing.

    This place won’t last with the amount of wasted product due to idiots working here who don’t give a crap.

    Dairy Queen — You have NO worries!! This place is NOT competition for you!! AND Dairy Queen employees are much smarter and nicer than this!!

  2. this is open already. new pics. op is W A Y behind.

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