Jim is a Church member and also was over seeing construction at Trinity Baptist Church/2015 photonews247.com
February 2015 – Jim is a Church member and also volunteers his time to over look the construction at Trinity Baptist Church

SOUTH SHORE/SUN CITY CENTER, FL – FEB 17: Trinity Baptist Church is constructing a three story 10,000 square-foot educational building slated to open by December 2015.

The new building will provide Sunday School classrooms, a new choir rehearsal room, meeting rooms, offices and restrooms.

The education building is the last part of a three-phase improvement plan. The other two improvement phases were completed that included 103 additional parking places and a new Portico big enough for 2-way traffic to pick up and drop off Church members.

Trinity Baptist Church | 702 Del Webb Boulevard West | Sun City Center, FL | (813) 634-4228


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