Co-Owner, Tim Metz, talks about Timothy's STL Restaurant in Creve Coeur, MO. credit craig currie

Timothy’s STL Menu, Creve Coeur with Tim Metz

Tim Metz Co-Owner of Timothy’s The Restaurant in Creve Coeur talks about the Menu and the road he and his two friends and co-owners traveled that made this dream become a reality. Opened Today Aug. 6, 2021.

 “The menu is everything I love doing…upscale American but it's almost like upscale comfort food.” 

THE MENU: Tim continued with, “The menu is everything I love doing…upscale American but its almost like upscale comfort food. A very popular dish I do for catering is a Lobster Pot Pie. It has a puff-pastry top. It’s delicious. We’ve got vegan dishes, vegetarian dishes and most of our dishes can be changed into vegan or vegetarian. They’re fantastic dishes.”

Timothy's Burger
pimento cheese, crispy onions and dijon-mayo
gluten | dairy
Airline Chicken Breast with Mushroom Jus, Cauliflower mash, Vegetable Medley

Soba Noodle Pasta
House Made Noodles, Grilled Seasonal Veg, Beyond Italian Sausage, Tomato emulsion
Rack Of Lamb
chimichurri, crispy potatoes, carrots
Grilled Salmon
Black Bean Puree,Cilantro Creamed corn
dairy | seeds
Contains sesame/tahini 6 ounce portion
Eggplant, Zucchini, Cherry Tomato, Olive Oil, Grilled Bread
Gluten Free on request, Vegan
Filet Of Sirloin
Lobster Hollandaise, Asparagus, Garlic Mash
dairy | gluten
contains alcohol (cream sherry) can be made without lobster
Edamame Puree, Sweet Corn Broth, Grilled Corn (cut off the cob)
6 ounce portion
Truffle Mac And Cheese
Cavatappi, Cheese Mornay, Bread Crumb and parm
gluten | dairy
can add lobster or beyond sausage

THE BEGINNING: Tim began talking about the beginning, when he and his two good friends, Steven and Sean, first got the idea to open up a restaurant. He said, “The whole thing came about a couple of years ago” when Steven first brought it up.

VIDEO BELOW: Watch Tim Metz in amazing interview about the restaurant, his friends and co-owners and hear him elaborate about the cork wall.

VIDEO: Tim Mets, Co-Owner of Timothy’s The Restaurant, talks about this new restaurant. video by craig currie

THE OWNERS: Tim continued, “I’m hands on and have been in the industry since I was 13-years-old. Sean, his degree is in Hotel Management. Steven is a professional server.” Tim added that Steven’s “wine knowledge is extremely extensive.”

THE BUILDING: After Steve sparked the idea, “It kind of snowballed after that,” Tim said. “They started looking at properties and we stumbled across this…12710 Olive Street. It used to be Olive Street Café and it needed a lot of love. We’ve been working on it for four months now and it’s like this close to being finished.”

TIM’S PASSION: Tim added, “My passion is homemade ice cream. It’s one of the things I just love to make. Initially we will have vanilla bean ice cream that will go with a couple of our deserts. We do a chocolate cookie with big chunks of dark chocolate. It will be served ala mode with the ice cream. It’s going to be amazing.”

THE CORK WALL: Tim tells a great story about how the corks came about. Tim explains, “Our cork wall…that was corks from the old Balaban’s. Their last night they were open, there were all the corks back there from when Balaban’s was open in the late 70s. People would just throw them back there and they had two big 33-gallon trash bags full of them and were hauling them out to the dumpster. Sean and I were sitting at the bar, and I was like, are you just going to take those to the trash? They got so much history behind them. So we took them and threw them in our car and put them in our basement thinking some day we’ll do something with them. I don’t know what and we ended up building the cork wall behind the bar…with the corks! So there is over 6000 corks up there. Yeh; it’s pretty crazy!”

WINES & COCKTAILS: Tim explained, “Here at Timothy’s our cocktail program…it’s classic cocktails. Wine list is right now at 100 bottles.” Tim starts to smiling while saying, “that’s Steven’s forte. He’s ah…incredible. He’s been working on it for a long time now to get it perfected.”

THE COOK: Tim added, “Another thing that Timothy’s is very fortunate to have acquired is our Sous-Chef, Will.” None of this would be what it is today without him. “And having him part of the family, growing together, we are very fortunate. Let’s put it that way,” Tim says with a appreciative smile.

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Opening Hours
Tuesday – Thursday 4:00PM – 10:00PM
Friday – Saturday 4:00PM – 11:00PM
Sunday – Monday Closed.

Timothy’s STL – Elevated Dining
12710 Olive Blvd.
Creve Coeur, MO, MO 63141
(314) 786-5301 | |Facebook