Ride of the Century 2021 - rider pops wheelie during ride. credit craig currie

The Ride of the Century 2021 St. Louis

The Ride of the Century was spectacular and people in cars were waving and cheering them on as they drove passed us at the light at Bates and Broadway in South St. Louis. They had a police escort which made it so much more safer for the kids and young men riding which everyone appreciated. Maybe next year the STLPD can add some of their own bikes to help with the escort. The STLPD collaborating with the riders was needed for all of us.

Not only did it make things safer for all of us, it allowed us to put a guard down for minute. The worries about the pandemic and life in general were put on pause for a moment allowing us to escape our worries and fears without drugs or alcohol.

VIDEO: Ride of the Century 2021

I would gather that there were fathers and sons riding together. I would give the earth to ride with my father anywhere God rest his soul. I sometimes think if we leave fear and hate behind and just watch how much fun this group is having, you may find more positives than negatives. I admit it looks dangerous and people can get hurt but this is something we all risk just going out the door each day.