The Muny kicks camera crew and blogger off property. April 2021 by craig currie

The Muny in St. Louis Kicks Camera Crew, Blogger Off Property

A gentleman at the St. Louis Muny politely told a camera crew and a local blogger, myself, that we couldn’t take photos or videos without permission. Since no one had permission, we all had to sadly leave. None of us knew that we had to ask to take pictures/video outside. The gentleman in charge and the film crew were all civil and honorable, to my delight.

The gentleman in the white hard hat who had to stop all of us from taking photos is awesome. This video is proof that you can still be civil and stop people from filming and taking photos. This video show us how we can handle a group of people and how treating people with respect can deescalate a situation.

I was honored to witness such chivalry in a time where it is so easy to start yelling at one another. However, I think I will go to the Arch grounds next time I need some b-roll of St. Louis. I have never heard of someone being told that they couldn’t take a picture/video of the Arch, but the phrase ‘never say never’ comes to mind. 🙂