ST PETERSBURG, FL – The Emerald Bar is an old-style lounge-bar that features┬ácheap beer with a neighborhood spirit located on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, FL.

The Emerald Bar
550 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 898-6054 | Google Maps

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  1. We have been in the Emerald about 4 times. The first, the bartender was VERY nice and we had a great time and felt welcome. The last 3 times…(different) bartender, the vibe changed. The first time, all was well…no problems…she seemed really nice and talkative and, again, we felt welcome. These last 2 times though…suddenly my husband’s cigarettes were a problem and she was nowhere near as ‘chatty’ as before. Its as if someone decided they do not like us (for whatever reason) and suddenly we are being made to feel VERY not welcome there. We LOVED this place and were hoping to make it our ‘hometown bar, as we are new here. But…after this treatment 2 times in a row we feel very prejudiced against and will NOT be back. I guess its a cool place if you are ‘in with the in crowd’, but apparently we are not that.