Delmar Divine under construction by Claycorp in University City on Jan. 26, 2021. credit craig currie

The DELMAR DIVINE Construction Update January 2021

The DELMAR DIVINE construction update was filmed on Jan. 26, 2021 during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in University City. Claycorp is the builder, CRG is the developer and Lamar Johnson Collaborative is the Architect.

Video show the construction progress of The Delmar Divide in University City on January 26, 2021,

The Delmar Divine is a unique space for social innovators who will work to change the old Delmar Divide inequalities to a more equitable Delmar Divine.

The 1904 building was formerly St. Luke’s Hospital. It later became Connect Care and closed in 2013 due to bankruptcy. The Delmar Divine is a mixed-use development that will have apartments, office space for services, and not for profit organizations to name a few.