TAMPA / YBOR CITY, FL – Thai Asiatic Street Food & Noodle Bar is now open in Centro Ybor Plaza in space #D101 on 8th Avenue in the historic Ybor City neighborhood of Tampa, FL.

Molina Interior Design Construction Inc. based in Apopka, Florida managed the renovations in the former Fresh Mouth space where Thai Asiatic now resides.

THAI ASIATIC Streetfood & Noodle Bar
1600 E 8th Ave Unit D101
Tampa, FL 33605
(813) 284-5317
menu: asiaticstreetfood-noodle.com/asiatic-menu/
directions: google.com/maps

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  1. Hello, I work for Dodier & Company and we represent M&J Wilkow the owners of Centro Ybor. I would like permission to post the above photo to their facebook page, will photo credit.
    Please reply to:

    Tammy Allen
    Copywriter / Web & Social Media Content Manager
    Dodier & Company, Inc.

    Hello Tammy

    You can can use this photo and any photo you see on this site. They are all licensed under (CC) Creative Commons License for everyone to use, share, edit and the like.

    That was so kind of you to ask, by the way.

    craig photographer at photonews247.com