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Loud train horns in Tampa getting silenced

Train horn complaints by residence in downtown Tampa have been heard while the City goes into planning phase to quite them down

TAMPA / YBOR CITY, FL – It is Federally mandated for train conductors (24 hours a day) to sound their horns 15-20 seconds before reaching a railroad crossing to warn drivers and pedestrians a train is approaching.

Mayor Buckhorn’s push for new residential communities for the downtown area has been a great success.  A good example would be the 23-story Skyhouse in Channelside that had tenants signing on  months before it was move-in ready. The 7-story Fitzgerald apartments was the latest open. And in the works is the The Channel Club apartment complex with an adjacent Publix.

However, more people equates to more complaints. And at the top of the list is the train horns sounding off during the night.

The Remedy? Quiet Zones.

A Quiet Zone is a Federal Railroad Administration exemption to the rule requiring train conductors and engineers to sound their horns when approaching railroad crossings.

However, train crews can still sound the horn if warranted for other safety reasons. So far there are only around five crossing in the downtown area slated to change over to Quiet Zones.

Quiet Zones must have upgraded warning devices and new gates that cost around $200,000 for each crossing according to CCX.


Learn how to get your local public agency to request a Quiet Zone for your area: fra.dot.gov/eLib/details/L03055

Communities wishing to establish a quiet zone should contact their
local FRA Crossing Manager at: fra.dot.gov/Page/P0244


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  1. Zaneta Addison Avatar
    Zaneta Addison

    BS! Two trains blowing several times at 0230 and now 0315 in south tampa on west shore. WTH do they need to warn at this time and with several blows? Pretty sure one is enough. They’re bldg new housing apts right next to the track which you can barely see, so beware! The city needs to do something!!

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