Vintage Vinyl, Shopping for Old Poster in University City, MO

Vintage Vinyl is the place to go when shopping for old posters on The Delmar Loop in University City, MO. Some of the posters included Bob Marley, The X-Files poster “I Want to Believe”, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X and Mile Davis to name a few. I know you can probably get …

QuikTrip at Olive and North & South in University City is Under Construction

QuikTrip is under construction at 7579 Olive Blvd. at the intersection of Olive Blvd. and North and South Rd. in University City. The site is between Aldi and Dollar Tree what use to be a empty grassy lot. This new QT is anticipated to create more than a dozen full and part-time jobs.

Mural on Winco building at Olive and Hayes, University City, MO

A mural was added by Murals On Olive to the Winco building, on the corner of Olive and Hayes in University City, MO on Sunday, September 11, 2022. Art Teacher Byron Rogers, and his students from University City High School, spent the last six months working on the mural which celebrates the diversity of University …

STAR BUDS in University City Opens

STAR BUDS Medical Marijuana Dispensary is now open in University City on 7555 Olive Blvd. STAR BUDS is a medical cannabis dispensary with an exhaustive line marijuana products for every need. The staff will help you get exactly what you need at the best possible price. STAR BUDS 7555 Olive Blvd, University City, MO 63130

CHRISTMAS banners light up The Delmar Loop in University City

University City goes the extra mile for Christmas with their holiday banners that span the Delmar Loop on Delmar Blvd. Putting the banners up took a lot of work and it is so worth it since it really helps people get in the holiday spirit of things. Pictures really helps tell the story of what’s …