Wells Fargo Center, Downtown Tampa

DOWNTOWN TAMPA, FL – The Wells Fargo Center the 12th tallest building at 311 feet with 22 floors and completed in 1985 in Downtown Tampa, FL. The tenants enjoy amenities that include a full-time concierge, car detailing, dry cleaning, full service banking and a courtesy shuttle that will take them to and from the office in […]

SunTrust Financial Centre at 525 ft, 4th tallest building in Tampa

Downtown Tampa, FL – The SunTrust Financial Centre building is 525 ft tall and currently ranks the 4th tallest building in Downtown Tampa. The building was completed in 1992 with 36 floors and was designed by the Cooper Carry Architecture firm. The formidable structure can withstand a Category II Hurricane with top winds up to 110 mph according […]

100 North Tampa (Regions Building) tallest skyscrapper in Tampa, FL

DOWNTOWN / TAMPA FL – The 100 North Tampa, also known as the Regions Building, is currently the tallest skyscraper in Tampa at 579 feet and 42 floors above ground. The Regions Building is usually centrally located in skyline-photos of the city and is unmistakable with its postmodern Gothic-style roof that can be spotted from […]

PNC Building, Downtown Tampa, FL

4 / 5 ( 3 votes ) DOWNTOWN TAMPA, FL – JAN 4, 2015: The PNC or One Tampa City Center is the 3rd tallest building at 537 feet high with 38 stories above ground and one level underground. Built in 1981, the PNC building is currently the 3rd tallest skyscraper in Tampa and was sold in October, […]

Rivergate Tower, Downtown Tampa

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) DOWNTOWN TAMPA, FL – Rivergate Tower, also known as the beer can building, stands 454 ft and was sold last in December of 2014 for $59.6 million. The cylindrical tower skyscraper was designed using the Da Vinci code and was finished in 1988 at a cost of $150 million. See list of Tallest Building […]