7venth Sun Brewery, Tampa

SEMINOLE HEIGHTS / TAMPA, FL –  7venth Sun Brewery, a craft beer microbrewery and bar, is slated to open FALL 2016 on N. Nebraska Ave. in the Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa, FL.

The owners, Devon Kreps and Justin Stange, are renovating the former Mermaid Tavern that already had an outside patio area that will serve as the beer garden.

7venth Sun Brewery makes Belgian-style beer, oak aged sour beer, IPAs and more.

7venth Sun Brewery
6809 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33604 | Google Maps


Ichicoro Ramen, Tampa

SEMINOLE HEIGHTS / TAMPA, FL – Ichicoro Ramen noodle restaurant replaced their old sign with a new retro-styled neon sign in April of 2016 at the corner of E. Giddens and N. Florida Avenues in the Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa, FL.

Ichicoro Ramen
5229 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33603
(813) 517-9989 | Google Maps


Blind Tiger Cafe, new in Seminole Heights, Tampa

SEMINOLE HEIGHTS, TAMPA, FL – DEC 14, 2015: The Blind Tiger Cafe Coffee Shop opened its second store in November 2015 in the Seminole Heights neighborhood at the corner of North Florida Avenue and East Diana Street in Tampa, FL.

The new Blind Tiger location is sharing space with the Christopher Wayne Home furnishings store. They serve pastries, specialty coffees and a variety of teas.

Cheapest: Espresso $3.00
Most expensive: Vac-Pot brewed 20 oz cup $8.00

Cheapest: Choco Chip Cookie $1.50
Most expensive: Dutch Apple Cheesecake $5.00/slice

Classic tea 12 and 16 ounce cups $3.95
32 ounces (tea pot) $7.50

The Blind Tiger Cafe – Seminole Heights
6500 North Florida Ave, Suite D, Tampa, Florida 33604
813-421-0129 | Google Maps