Oct.17.2017 - Superman laser beam Market Street, Metropolis, IL/photonews247.com

Home of Superman, Metropolis Illinois

METROPOLIS, IL – The Home of Superman is in Metropolis where he worked as Clark Kent for the Daily Planet newspaper with Jimmy Olson and Lois Lane.

The man of steel was a legend and was later memorialized in a 15-feet bronze statue on Superman Square that looks over Market Street in the downtown Metropolis, Illinois.

Superman’s most notable phrase is forever engraved at the statue’s base that reads:

For Truth – Justice – And The American Way.

See photos of the  39th Annual Superman Celebration 2017  held during during the month of June.

The Ohio River runs along the small town of Metropolis with a population of 6,465 according to the 2013 count done by the U.S. Census Bureau. (wikipedia)


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