Jan 16, 2016 - Starbucks 6042 Winthrop Town Centre Ave, Riverview, FL 33578/photonews247.com

Starbucks, Fishhawk & Bayberry Glen, Lithia (coming soon)

LITHIA FL – A Starbucks is slated to open in a stripmall currently under construction at the corner of Fishhawk Boulevard and Bayberry Glen Dr. across from the FishHawk Sports Complex in Lithia FL.

Photo above is Starbucks in Winthrop Shoppes on Bloomingdale Avenue Riverview, FL.


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  1. Location is nice and new but they have had no cellular service inside the building since opening with no expectation to fix it. Their response, that you can go outside in the parkinglot to get service. This equates to a huge loss for business persons and local students using this location. I will be surprised if it makes it here as it is very slow in evenings.

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