OCT 14, 2015 - Spirits on Bourbon Restaurant visited by Bar Rescue Ron Duprat for inspection/photonews247.com

Spirits on Bourbon inspected by Chef Ron Duprat, New Orleans, LA

FRENCH QUARTER / NEW ORLEANS, LA – OCT 29, 2015: Spirits on Bourbon was re-visited in August of this year by Top Chef, Ron Duprat, from the show Bar Rescue to make sure the Gumbo and drinks were still maintaining the high standards that were set when the show first visited the restaurant a few years back.

INSPECTION: Duprat went into the kitchen and started his inspection. After checking and taking the temperature of the Gumbo being cooked he said:

Wow, perfect 178 degrees. Everything’s clean. The Gumbo recipe’s perfect, consistent. The fryers clean, perfect. Everything’s dated and labeled. Excellent job.

As Top Chef Duprat tasted the Gumbo he looked up at Brad Bohannon, owner of Spirits on Bourbon, and said, “Cooked to perfection.

After the Gumbo, Duprat tried a signature drink from the bar that he called ‘excellent’ after taking a sip from a straw.

After the inspection Brad Bohannon joyfully said:

Ron loving the Gumbo two years after he left and still saying it taste the same (consistent) meant a lot to us.

Watch Ron Duprat inspect Spirits on Bourbon the restaurant in the video below by Spike TV.

Spirits On Bourbon Is Wildly Successful
SEASON 4, EP 26 AIRED 08/02/2015
Ron Duprat representing Bar Rescue revisits Spirits on Bourbon for an inspection and finds everything is still up to par.

Spirits on Bourbon
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