SOUTH SHORE/APOLLO BEACH, FL – The new bike lanes on US Hwy 41 that run directly through Ruskin, Apollo Beach and Gibsonton are starting to get used more by bicyclists in the South Shore area.

Bike lanes were added to both sides of US Hwy 41 as part of FDOTs repaving and widening project. Anytime repaving is done, FDOT looks at adding bike lanes.

Along US 41, there were a few signs that read: “Right Turn Lane, Yield to Bikes,” which I was unfamiliar with.

That said, I went online at the Florida Bicycle Law Organization and found an exhaustive list of bicycle laws. The site has a form that you can fill out for any questions you may have as well.

It can take some time getting acclimated to new road signs and learning how to safely navigate the road with bicycles.

During this learning period, I have read that being a little more courteous with bicyclists goes a long way and is deeply appreciated – something I need to follow as well. 

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