Sony 85mm F1.8 Lens Tested in Low Light

I filmed this entire night with the Sony 85mm 1.8 lens with the aperture fully opened at 1.8 and the results were amazing. The location was Historic Main Street in St. Charles, MO during Christmas. The camera I used was the A7SII set at 30fps with the shutter speed set at 1/60th of a second.

Sony 85mm 1.8 Lens used for filming an historic street in the Midwest USA during Christmas celebration at night. Credit Craig Currie

There is something about the 85mm lens that turns a normal shoot into something magical and I love it. Whether it is the compression or the low light capabilities, the lens just outshines them all when it comes to footage like this in my humble opinion.

I had the Sony A7S2 camera on the Zhiyun CRANE PLUS Gimbal for stabilization. I forgot to mention that my ISO was set to Auto since the lighting would change drastically while I was walking around.

Please note that the 85mm F1.8 lens is over $500 but there are other makes such as the Meike 85mm F1.8 that do a great job for less than $200.