SOUTH TAMPA, FL – Smarty Pants Embroidery Workshoppe are under plans to move in the future at the corner of W. Obispo Street and S. Dale Maybry Hwy in Tampa, FL.

While I was driving on S Dale Mabry I noticed a ‘coming soon’ banner on a dirt lot that displayed, what I thought was, a house at first glance; a very nice house if I may. But after I saw the name, Smarty Pants, I soon realized it must be a business.

I called the business today and spoke with a very pleasant person named Michelle, that happen to the owner of the store as well. She said the new store, “Was designed to fit in with the neighborhood.”

Once the new store is built on S Dale Mabry, the Smarty Pants at 2120 S. MacDill will permanently close after transferring to the new location.

Smarty Pants specializes in creating personalized embroidery for children and small businesses that may only need 25 shirts or less.

These one-of-a kind items make a great gift for anyone at any age, especially for that someone that seems to have everything.

The new store is truly going to be a gem and will add character to the already colorful and historic South Tampa area.

Smarty Pants Embroidery Workshoppe
3161 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tamp, FL
(813) 259-4900

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