GET FEATURED: Get your business, group, event or story featured on this blog. I can come to your business, organization or event, take some pictures, get a short story with a few quotes and that’s it. (for the Paducah & Metropolis area)

WEBSITES: I can help set up WordPress websites for groups, nonprofits and businesses that can’t afford one for the Paducah/Metropolis area. It’s really easy and you can actually do it yourself if you have some extra time.

I recommend everyone to which is the company I use. The cost for hosting at is as little as $3.99/mo with an addition $15/year for your domain. (I’m not affiliated with siteground so I get no money for referring someone)

COST: All services provided will always be free. However, I will never frown upon paying-it-forward by doing a random act of kindness for someone (not me) no matter how small it may be. You could even donate any amount to your favorite charity. I will never ask how or if you did it at all; that’s between you and Jesus 🙂

Thank you so much for visiting and God Bless…