Old Town Harley Davidson, Brandon, FL

Harley Davidson Brandon, FL

BRANDON, Fla – The Old Town Harley Shop in Brandon, Florida is like taking a time machine back to the days of the wild west. The small western town even has a couple of Texas Longhorn cattle, to boot, but fed each day by a 21st century licensed veterinarian.

The strip has a hotel and a jail connected to a service department exclusively for Harley’s. There are old style rocking chairs on the wooden sidewalks in town to sit on if you want to watch the bikes come as well.

The shop is 55,000 square feet and full of new and used Harley’s, clothing, effects, and gifts that all bare that famous American name, Harley Davidson.

In the back you will find Scooter’s Saloon that serves food and drinks throughout the day and into the night. But if you act up, you might spend a night in their jail 🙂

You can even rent Harley’s at their Tampa and Panama City Beach locations if you want. This gives potential customers a chance to see what it’s like to ride the American made classics before making that big purchase. Very nice staff and awesome place.

See more of Brandon Harley at www.brandonhd.com

Harley Davidson
9841 E Adamo Drive (Hwy 60)
Tampa, FL 33619
(888) 293-1517
www.brandonhd.com | Google Maps


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