Tivoli Theater on The Delmar Loop in University City on 12.5.2021 Credit Craig Currie

See Christmas décor on Delmar Blvd. in University City, MO

Christmas lights and décor on Delmar Blvd. in University City was filmed on December 6, 2021 to give out-of-towners and people who are unable to come down a chance to see what this historic and famous street looks like during the Holidays.

The Delmar Loop in University City is a buzzing entertainment and dining hub, with an eclectic mix of food from around the world, that includes Korean, Soul, Chinese, Thai, Asian, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, BBQ and American comfort food.

VDIEO: See The Delmar Loop decorated for Christmas on 12.6.2021. Credit Craig Currie

Locally famous people are immortalized on the Saint Louis Walk of Fame. Similar to Hollywood, there are brass stars in the sidewalk with text that tells all about them. You will see names like Maya Angelou, Betty Grable, as well as Chuck Berry, whose statue is nearby.

Music venues like the Pageant and Delmar Hall features a mix of rock, roots, hip hop, indie gigs, Rhythm and Blues, and rap.

The Trolley is not online this year but there is talk that it will be back someday. Hey. . maybe they could make the Trolley battery operated so they could get rid of all the wires. Okay. . maybe not!

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