July 1, 2015 - Ruskin Drive-In awarded Gold Winner 2014 for Best of South Shore Ruskin Drive-In Family Entertainment by Tampa Tribune/photonews247.com

Ruskin Drive-In Theater’s first movie ‘Singing in the Rain’ 1952

RUSKIN / SOUTHSHORE, FL – JULY 1: The Ruskin Drive-In is a wonderful family owned business that showed its first movie in 1952: ‘Singing in the Rain‘ staring Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds.

Over five decades later, the drive-in theater was awarded the Gold Winner Best of South Shore 2014 by Tampa Tribune (tbo.com). The votes are tallied each year from The South Shore News and The Sun Reader’s polls, both publications of tbo.com.

See movies showing at ruskinfamilydrivein.com/movies

Ruskin Family Drive-In Movie Theater
5011 N U.S. Hwy 41
Ruskin, FL 33572


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