November 16, 2014: SYKES Tower building in Tampa, FL (credit Staff/
November 16, 2014: SYKES Tower building in Tampa, FL (credit Staff/

TAMPA, FL – Doug Brewer of In-Real Properties, owner of the The Rivergate (SYKES) Tower said in an interview with Visit Florida last year:

The building was designed around the Fibonacci sequence which was made famous in the book ‘The Divici Code’ where the numbers one and three are very prevalent in the code.

The space between the columns are 13 feet. The space between the window wall and hallway wall is 39 ft.

UPDATE: Building sold for $59.6 million in Dec 2014

The Rivergate Tower is the sixth tallest building in Tampa, Florida. Some still call it by the name ‘SYKES’ – the name in red lettering at the top of the building that can be viewed from blocks away. Sykes is a call center company and one of the biggest tenants in the building.

The tower is also known as the Beer Can Building due to its cylindrical shape.

It has been coined the lighthouse of Tampa Bay and serves as a major landmark when viewing Downtown Tampa from across the bay.

Floors: 31
Size: 515,965 sq ft
Height: 454 ft tall

1986-1988: Construction costs 150 million
1988: Opened – price tag $132.2 million
2000: Price tag $49.5 million
2005: Sold for $35.5 million
2010: 38 percent vacant
2011: Miami Capital Partners defaulted on $48.4 million loan.
2011: In-Rel Properties purchase it for $22 million in a foreclosure sale.

Rivergate Tower | 400 N. Ashley Dr. Tampa, FL 33602  | 813-229-2590 |

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