Reverend Darryl Gray protest with ExpectUs in the Central West End neighborhood in St Louis.

Reverend Darryl Gray Fighting For Our Rights in CWE, St. Louis

Reverend Darryl Gray protested with ExpectUs to stand up against police brutality in the Central West End neighborhood on July 3 in St. Louis. His cadence kept us inspired to go that extra mile as we marched about two miles down Kings Highway towards Highway 64/40.

Attorney’s Mark and Patricia McCloskey called us protesters thugs and a mob after we protested down their street peacefully while they had guns pointing at us. The McCloskey’s had other names for us as well but Rev. Gray said they got one thing right, “We’re angry.

Reverand Gray continued and said,

You can’t live in America and be black and not be angry. You can’t have compassion for people and not be angry. If you can’t see what’s going on everyday, it’s not just George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Herman, Elijah, Vonderrick, it’s everyday…a different day, it’s somebody else.

Black Trans, black women, black men, this is real for us. So out of everything they said. that is the only thing they got right: that we’re angry. We are not allowing are anger to be destructive; We are allowing our anger to be productive.

Reverend Gray is a good man who is running for the Democratic nomination for State Representative in the 77th District of St. Louis.

COMMENTARY: Until we get good men like Rev. Gray in office, injustice will rule in our Justice System. I think we all can agree that our current system is broken. This is especially apparent during Covid-19 while disproportional black and brown communities continue to have higher death counts vs white communities.