SOUTHSHORE / APOLLO BEACH, FL – Three restaurants anchored by a 40,000 square ft. retail store are being proposed on the former Cox Lumber Company property at the Southwest corner of US-41 and Villemaire Road in Apollo Beach, FL.

A demolition crew dismantled the Cox Lumber warehouse in July of 2015 to make way for the new development. See aerial view of property in new window provided by Google Maps.

Retail & Restaurants (proposed)
5150 N US Highway 41, Apollo Beach, FL 33572


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  1. Who cares……just put some good place to eat there….we are lacking good restaurants in ruskin and apollo beach

  2. Apollo Beach is from 19th street to big bend to the interstate 75. Been that since I moved here in 1978. Years

  3. i know people that live in balm, but since their mail comes from the wimauma post office, their address is wimauma. also, take a look at how big riverview is even though historical riverview is just a small area. same with valrico. and bass pro has a tampa address, but we all know that it isn’t in tampa. how about the people that live in ft. lonesome having to use lithia as their address. that’s just how it is. don’t get all flustered and drop your tomatoes, you ruskinites…ruskinians…ruskinovianites?

  4. so they rezoned a part of ruskin as apollo beach? illegal much? it was still inn RUSKIN FIRST!!! talk about hardheaded fools.

  5. I live in apollo beach. been here for 48 years. the city limit starts at just before that hungry howies. where the water tower is. richard is right.

  6. Why is there an RV parked on the vacant Cox property for over a week? There are also two cars beside the RV,they have California licenses.

  7. I live in the Bay Breeze section of MiraBay that is adjacent to this land and my zip is Apollo Beach, not Ruskin.

    I pray it’s something decent (non-dollar store) that doesn’t hurt our property values by sitting empty like a number of the surrounding plazas.

    1. It was Ruskin at one time but developers had it rezoned to Apollo Beach because they thought it would be easier to sell homes in Apollo Beach than in Ruskin. Cox Lumber was in Ruskin!

  8. your welcome. what retail and restaurants will be moving in there?

    I don’t know the names of the restaurants or retail store yet, but I will let you know as soon as I do. Thank you for commenting…craig

  9. thats ruskin not apollo beach. cox lumber always had a ruskin zipcode as well as phone number.

      1. I believe the cutoff of Apollo Beach is now 19th. However some properties that were there long before have remained with the address still Ruskin. Therefore some confusion at times.

        1. well giggle gaggle or whatev dey iz ar cracked. cause where the water tower is is how you mark your city limit. been like dat over 175 years of historical markings. look like the old fools in sun city tryin 2 claim half of ruskin too. now apollo beach? was upwit dat?

      2. you need a nap sukka. Richard is right. i lived here in apollo for 48 years. bought plenty from dat lumber company. everytime i called fo a price? ‘ hello ruskin cox lumber how can i help you?’ wish i still had da recipts. phone and address printed on them.