Sept 03, 2016 - Publix US-301 and Symmes, Riverview FL/

Publix Riverview (301 & Symmes) (opens)

SOUTHSHORE /RIVERVIEW, FL- A Publix Super Market opened September 29, 2016 in the new Rivercrest Commons Shopping Center at 11460 US-301 in the Riverview neighborhood of South Shore, FL.

All the new construction in Riverview is due to the steady-flow of people moving into the area. Riverview’s Population grew at a rate of 490.36% between 2000 – 2010 and currently ranks #6 for one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Florida according to

In charge of developing the 15.31 acres was Jim Dunphy CCIM of Dunphy Properties. Hawkins Construction Inc. help with the construction at this location and for the Publix at Southshore Village in Ruskin as well.

TENANT LISTING (coming soon)
◊ Casablanca Spa
◊ East Wok
◊ Majik Touch Dry Cleaners
◊ Hair Cuttery
◊ Marco’s Pizza
◊ Mathnasium
◊ Dunkin Donuts
◊ Fast Track Urgent Care
◊ Dunkin Donuts
◊ Heartland Dental

Publix Super Market
11460 US-301, Riverview, FL 33569
Main: (813) 671-9121
Pharmacy: (813) 671-9551
Liquor: (813) 671-9341 | Google Maps

VIDEO: A short video clip was created in April 2015 before construction.


15 responses to “Publix Riverview (301 & Symmes) (opens)”

  1. we enough stores and condos like the other Public on 301 it hard get out there public trying to put the Basket Produce out of business it been there long i been here for 13 year might have be there longer.

  2. Publix is already being built and nothing we can about that. Howevet, i prefer having a Publix then other markets. They are always clean and sales are not bad. I do miss the cows which gave me a country feeling when I turned off of 301 to go home

  3. When will this new PUBLIX be excepting applications?(Riverview,FL)

    1. Deckidrea Bailey Avatar
      Deckidrea Bailey

      Hello, I am just wondering When will publix Be excepting applications?

    2. Hello Terry and Deckidrea,

      We often post signs in the window of the new store under construction that tell you where and when to apply for employment. But here are some tips.


      I hope this helps and thank you from visting

  4. “Riverview’s Population grew at a rate of 490.36% between 2000 – 2010 and currently ranks #6 for one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Florida”.

    And the crime rate will be growing along with it.

    1. Guaranteed. In fact it’s already started.

  5. such spoiled people…. move to RUSKIN tosee what real DESOLATION LOOKS like….lol…. 😀

  6. AGAIN where is our answer…where are the beautiful cows???? as a resident one block away…we enjoyed them….can’t wait for the traffic and nobody letting you in or out to the enter the development across the street. it’s just greedy! can’t wait to move now. SERIOUSLY growth and influx og people??? THERE’S A PUBLIX either way and a Winn dixie and numerous stores here already! it’s a shame…oh look a piece of land with grass!!# yea let’s build more stores there!!!! it’s a shame!

    1. to a mcdonalds suply truck mmmm BEEF its whats for dinner!…ok ok seriously they already have plenty of places to roam down here in ruskin . and are fed a steady diet of culls. ( see throw away tomatoes from packing houses.)..;D

    2. The cows may have moved to Symmes just before North St. where the power lines are. I just remember one day cows were there & I hadn’t noticed them before.

  7. Christine Avatar

    It’s only two miles north of the Publix at Hwy 301 & Big Bend Rd.

  8. veronica Avatar

    I have a question…since yet MORE stores are being built what happens to the innocent cows that call this their home????? I live right near here…we personally enjoy the cows …I believe we have PLENTY stores in the area…

    1. I was wondering the very same thing….I live near there also…shame….we need another strip mall right?? come on people

    2. they’ll move the cows to some other property in order to avoid paying the normal property taxes on those lands.

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