12.17.2016 - Publix at SouthShore Village opened its doors on Dec 17, 2016 at the intersection of US-41 and 19th Avenue, Apollo Beach, FL/photonews247.com

Publix at Southshore Village, 19th & US-41 (opens)

SOUTHSHORE / APOLLO BEACH, FL  – Publix at Southshore Village opened December 17, 2016 at the northwest corner of US-41 N. and 19th Avenue N.E. across the street from the Ruskin Family Drive-in and McDonald’s in Southshore, FL.

Brian West, Media and Community Relations Manager for Publix Super Markets, sent a quote via email that read:

We’re very excited to bring a Publix to the area, and look forward to serving our Southshore customers.

1941 Development LLC, from Lakeland, purchased the 24-acre property for $2,472,000 back in 2006 (12/01/06) according to Hillsborough County records. Plans were drawn in 2007 for a shopping center but were stalled.

New construction plans were drawn out for a Publix at Southshore Village shopping center by the Genesis Group in May of 2015.

Hawkins Construction Inc. managed the construction perfectly enabling a fall opening that was anticipated at the beginning of the project. This is the same company that built the Publix on 301 & Symmes in Riverview as well.

Publix at Southshore Directory

Publix 46,031 sq ft
A101 Publix Liquors 1,200 sq ft
A103 Posh Nails & Spa 1,200 sq ft
A105 China I 1,200 sq ft
A107 Great Clips 1,200 sq ft
New B101 Papa Johns Pizza 1,200 sq ft
B103 AVAILABLE 1,200 sq ft
B105-107 Zpan Steak House & Sushi Japanese Restaurant 2,400 sq ft
B109 H&R Block 1,200 sq ft
New–  OP A  Taco Bell
OP B SunTrust Bank 1.50 AC
OP C Burger King
TOTAL 56,831 sq ft

See full listing and brochure at crossmanco.com/Southshore-Village-Flyer.pdf

JAN 2016: Ripa clears land
FEB 2016: Hawkin Construction on site
MAR 2016: Permits issued to HAWKINS CONST INC on 3.15.2016
ARP 2016: Foundation and walls for Publix visible from US-41
JUL 2016: Burger Kings, Papa Johns coming to SouthShore Village
DEC 17, 2016: Publix held its Grand Opening on Dec.17.2016.

Leasing Contact:
Sandra Woodworth 813.210.7509

Publix Southshore Village (Publix #1260)
5052 N U.S. Hwy 41 & 19th Avenue NW
Apollo Beach, Florida 33570
(813) 641-2377
publix.com/southshore-village | Google Directions

Publix Southshore Timeline Photos


24 responses to “Publix at Southshore Village, 19th & US-41 (opens)”

  1. Betty McInnis Avatar
    Betty McInnis

    I would love to have a Krystal burger fast food. we already have plenty of McDonalds and Burger king’s and taco Bell. So it would really be nice to have Krystal Burger.

  2. There’s a lot of us here at Apollo Beach that would like a Starbucks or a steak house.

  3. A starbucks would be nice in the plaza…..and a new restaurant like outback or something in that nature…..

  4. looking forward to papa johns pizza.

  5. Trader joes , fresh market and juice bars please!!

  6. When scouting areas for business, demographics (including income) are key. Big Biz is at Big Bend and Brandon.

    What I would love: healthy, sustaining, flavorful food. Bistros and bakeries to bring the community together.

    Forget corporate fast food.

    1. Right on ! This area would grow with restaurants like that ! Build it they will come

  7. How about Frdays.!

  8. How about a whole Foods or Fresh Market and Target. We need a good Thai restaurant. Menches yogurt. Barre 3 fitness. Whoo. The rusty bucket restaurant is good. And PLEASE clean up the shops from 19th on down to 674.

    1. I like this suggestion.

  9. I’d love a Target or something along those lines. All there is are grocery chains and I would go for a good restaurant too.

  10. I’m sick of so many repeated groceries there is a Public north of this location “2 miles” really?? Ruskin already has “3” Winn Dixies within the 2 mile radius also selling the same thing and 3 dollar generals again 2-3miles apart.

    1. Maybe you’re new to the area, but having a Publix right nearby is a good good thing. Sure, there are 3 Winn Dixies, and I regularly pass all three heading to Publix. But since this is America, you are certainly free to pout. I’m gonna celebrate!

      1. you beat me to what i was gonna say….lol however wd does have excellent chickenwings. the dry ranch and dry buffalo ranch . both are GREAT..

    2. I agree with you Ann, however, i prefer having a Publix rather than the Winn Dixie. They can get rid of Winn Dixie and replace it with something else like Whole Foods or Target.

    3. Its “PUBLIX” not PUBLIC !

  11. Please can we get a chain restaurant out here.. a Chili’s, Outback, BJs something. . Put Ruskin/ Apollo Beach on the map

    1. I agree… Just one or two decent chains to get this thing started! To me, perfection would be what we’re getting, plus a Chili’s, Starbucks, and a Target. Oh, and WaWa instead of Circle K.

      1. were getting a WAWA. planning is done. its the state and county dragging their feet on final land clearing permits. right across from the wiaumama walmart gas station on that other corner next to advanced auto is where they will build this year.

        1. I don’t know about the CircleK, I saw the map layout of where it is supposed to be but that area is still full of trees. I’m thinking maybe CircleK canceled out on the idea. They are building some sort of road around that area, so I don’t know but right now it doesn’t look like we will have a CircleK in that area.

          1. yes circle k is building there. permits and the county take their time ALWAYS. just takes a bit longer to build a gas station then a grocery store. just ask wawa.

    2. No Outback! Hi priced, lousy food, and still believe that Yeungling is an import (that way they can charge $5 for a bottle of beer). Chili’s, or one of a hundred other chains would be great. Add a couple upper scale restaurants like Ruth’s or Chart House, or a nice seafood restaurant that doesn’t have “mullet” it its name, would be fantastic. I am not cracking on the mullet shack, they are great for what they do, but we need to grow!

      1. Hello? We have a fine seafood restaurant here in Apollo beach. The Salty Shamrock! Same owner of O’Brien’s in Brandon, try it you might like it!

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