Protesters and the six National Guardsmen were the only ones in the area during a protest against police violence Tuesday night at the Florissant Police Department.

The National Guardsmen were behind a fence on the property where the Police Department sits. Lindbergh Boulevard was blocked both ways so there were no cars driving by. You could leave the area in a car but you couldn’t drive through once the protest started. The area was desolate.

There were around 50 people, a guesstimate at best. The protesters wanted to talk to the Chief of Police but the only people on the grounds of the Police Department were the National Guard.

The nightly protests in front of the Florissant Police Department started after a Florissant police officer was caught on video hitting man with his unmarked patrol car.

MUSIC “Brief Moment” by Caleb Etheridge from

VIDEO: Protesters only see National Guard at Florissant Police Department Tuesday, June 9.

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