Powell Hall SLSO building is said to be haunted Feb. 2021. credit craig currie

Powell Hall in Grand Center Haunted by Man in White

The Powell Hall building is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man named George. He has been spotted numerous times wearing a white tuxedo with a matching white hat. He is thought to be a former vaudevillian and is known for playing with the lights and the elevators.

In October, 2010, a paranormal group spent the night in the old St. Louis Theater to investigate. No ghost were caught on tape, however.

This video was recorded during the pandemic in the month of February 2021. Powell Hall was closed to the public at the time. video by craig currie

When the theater was built in 1925, it was The St. Louis Theater. The theater featured live vaudeville and movies for 40 years. The last movie shown in the old theater was The Sound of Music in 1966.

The theater was acquired by the Symphony Society for $500,000, through a gift from Oscar Johnson, Jr.. After spending an additional $2 million to update and renovate the building, the hall re-opened in January 1968 as the new home of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and continues to this day.

There is always chatter about the haunting and the man in white but no conclusive evidence has ever surfaced. There has been talk about investigating more on the ghost at Powell Hall but curiosity has dwindled since the being closed due to the pandemic.

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