Dec 19, 2015 - Popeyes Grand Opening Monday December 21st 1030 am Sun City Center, FL/

Popeye’s Chicken, Sun City Center Blvd, FL (opens)

RUSKIN / SUN CITY CENTER, FL – Popeye’s Chicken held their Grand Opening today (Dec. 21, 2015) at 10:30 am located next to Denny’s at 3763 Sun City Center Blvd in Ruskin, FL.

I spoke with a nice gentleman on Dec. 19, the day they put the Grand Opening date on the sign, that said they had to remove the tall trees that ran along SR-674 due to the new electric poles that were installed. The original trees would have been too close to the wires.

The same gentleman, also, mentioned that they made the parking lot at the Ruskin location a little bigger than the Big Bend Riverview location.

One of the friendly landscapers said the owner had them plant small growing trees away from the power lines.

View menu prices at the new Popeye’s Riverview location.

POPEYE’S Timeline 
1. APRIL 2015: Pre-plan for a Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen approved by Hillsborough County for Ruskin, FL.

2. APRIL 2015: Land purchased for $625,000 by POP FLORIDA PROPERTIES LLC.

3. MAY 2015: Construction site surveyed and leveled.

4. JUNE 2015: Permit issued to McAnally Construction Company to build Popeyes.

5. AUGUST 2015: Hiring sign posted at construction site with email to send applications:

6. DECEMBER 2015: Grand Opening to be held Dec 21, 2015 at 10:30 am.

Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen
3763 Sun City Center Blvd, Ruskin, FL 33573

POPEYE’S Timeline Construction Photos


13 responses to “Popeye’s Chicken, Sun City Center Blvd, FL (opens)”

  1. william isbell Avatar
    william isbell

    my third post. Why don’t you sell the jumbo shrimp or the fish filets. They are on popeyes website. I recently moved from Houston were it was awesome. I ended up buying the popcorn shrimp which was just ok. Did mot get any sauce or napkins. You know Checkers just opened up and their menu is correct. I’d rather have yours so please expand you menu and you business will soar,

  2. Monday December 28, 2015. I ordered 3 wings combo which comes with a biscuit and one side and drink. The wait was long, which was expected since it just opened. Staff was very respectful and courteous, but food order was wrong (which is why I’m posting). Instead of the 3 wings I ordered, I get one tiny wing (literally the size of 3 fingers) and a chicken breast, missing my biscuit. I was so upset they got the order wrong and had missing items. The food was good, but they need to get their accuracy right cause this is going to make them lose customer. There’s a kfc right down the road.

  3. Just went to popeyes 12/28/2015 and the service was slow,slow,and slow!!!! When I finally received my take out order the girl looking in the bag named off my order as if she knew what the heck she was doing. Only to arrive at home to find that after spending $ 51.86 for the family dinner I did not receive all of my order and what I did receive was cold and tasteless. Last time for our family to go there!!!

  4. For information, the new Popeye’s is in Ruskin, FL, NOT Sun City Center. Ruskin begins on the west side of Cortaro Drive so Popeye’s and Denny’s are both in Ruskin.

    1. Thank you Richard, I will change it to Ruskin now. Sorry about the delay..craig

  5. When will the Popeyes in Sun City next to Denny’s open????

  6. I’ve always loved Popeyes Chicken. I now having one next to where I live is even better. They should have advertise a grand opening so that we can show our support,… I can’t wait.

  7. after all the rain good to finally see some progress.. 🙂

  8. about time new business came to Ruskin. bring back BIG Kmart. now there is plenty of population to support it.

    1. You need to update the sun city popeyes pics. more work done. saw it today while driving by.

      1. Hi Richard,

        I just went down there to get a new pic….thanks for reminding me 🙂

          1. windows and all walls up. will be good to have an alt chicken besides kfc.

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