SEPT 13, 2015 - NOPD Police presence on Bourbon St was phenomenal in New Orleans, felt safe/

NOPD Police presence phenomenal on Bourbon St, felt very safe

NEW ORLEANS, LA – SEPT 23: Police Officers from the New Orleans Police Department District 8 (NOPD) were everywhere on Bourbon Street policing the area and helping tourist with questions on a Sunday afternoon (Sept 13, 2015) in New Orleans, LA.

The NOPD were out walking among the people and at the intersections in groups helping to safely guide traffic through some of the cross streets. We all felt very safe.

District 8 covers the French Quarter that includes the world’s famous Bourbon Street. It covers the Central Business District that includes Harrah’s Casino and Canal Place as well.

In 2002 concerned residents formed an organization called Cops 8, which is a non-profit to support the police officers working in the 8th District.

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