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Pocket Park Paducah – 5th & Broadway

PADUCAH, KY – A new pocket park is underway at 5th and Broadway Streets where a 3-story building once stood in downtown Paducah.

Market Square ART Park is the most recent pocket park to open in June of  2016.

The new park will feature local art, kids play equipment and shaded pergolas built out of the reclaimed wood saved from former building that resided on this now empty lot.

Broadway, also known as part of Paducah’s Main Street, is a beautiful historic street with renovation projects underway on almost every block from 5th Street to the River.

The newest opening on Broadway is the Highwater Fresh Bar at 3rd and Broadway. Right next door is Citizen’s Gym with new Apartments upstairs.

And just across the street are the Wallerstein Apartments that will consist of four executive 1st-floor units.

Below is a view of the building in 2012 before it was torn down at 5th St. and Broadway St. where pocket park is going.


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  1. i am very excited about all the news store that is goming to paducah. i will make sure to check than all out.please tell me we are getting a burlington store here to.

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