PocketPark Pop UP Park Downtown St. Louis. May 2021 by craig currie

Pocket Park at 10th and Locust brightens up Downtown St. Louis

A Pop-Up Park (Pocket Park) with games and activities for pedestrians of all ages was opened this weekend at the corner of 10th and Locust in Downtown St. Louis. It certainly brightened up Downtown and turned an empty plot into a place to play games or just to relax and enjoy the day.

PocketParks.co turns vacant lot into colorful park at 923 Locust Street in downtown St. Louis. Games, Giveaways, Food from Bailey’s Restaurants and more!!!

PocketParks was founded by Samantha Lee and is non-profit organization that turns empty areas into fun-filled pop-up parks. As a company, the board has a goal in mind and that is to add a network of parks across the the U.S.

Video of Pocket Park pop up at 10th and Locust in downtown St. Louis. May 2021 by craig currie

Samantha says by, “Using a human-centric approach, we can elevate the urban experience to one that is safe, beautiful, active, and diverse. We are creating a platform using parks to reactivate the streets and build up the ecosystem of our city.” (source https://www.pocketparks.co/learn-more)

Dates & Times

The DUC Park Pop-Up Event on Locust May 2021
Friday, May 14th | 4pm – 9pm
Saturday May 15 | 12pm – 9pm 
Sunday May 16th| 12pm – 4pm 

PocketParks.co is remaking Downtown STL