Gentleman standing by art depicting a woman wearing a mask along the Delmar Loop in the University City community. credit craig currie

People Love the Art along Delmar Loop

Artists react by painting boarded up windows along The Delmar Loop and now locals show their appreciation with accolades and verbal kudos in a live survey recorded on video as we talked with people while walking through The Loop in University City.

Artist _stutisinha said, ” Me and Katie, of course are part of the Asian community, wanted to do something inspiring supporting Black Lives. So basically what we’re painting is a tiger which represents Asia, a symbol throughout the continent and then a black panther coming together in this time.”

Artist katiexu1, an Asian American as well stated, “I just wanted to show solidarity with my community supporting the black community. We doing a tiger-black-panther piece and they are coming together to fight the same cause, to fight for equality and justice. “

Some of the boarded up businesses have already taking theirs down and the rest of the boarded up artwork is slated to be auctioned off by the city. The plywood was originally put up in case looting but no such thing has happen in the area.

“Paint The Loop” is a program designed to beautify The Delmar Loop neighborhood in the City of University City. The highly successful program was organized by Jessica Bueler Contractor in University City and Allison Bamberger Director of Communications in University City.

VIDEO: @CraigCurrieSTL | MUSIC: “Brainstorm” by Rex Banner from