Sign Browns Grove Farm Market Dakin Farm Fresh Milk Sold Here, Parrish FL
Browns Grove Farm Market sell Dakin Farm Fresh Milk on U.S. 41 in Parrish FL/2015

PARISH, FL – The Parrish Farm Market and County Store got their start when the first seeds were planted in a field by Grandpa Brown in 1915 in Sarasota, FL.

And, now, 100 years and four generations later, his legacy continues with his family working the farm, doing the same jobs Grandpa did a century ago such as seeding, watering, picking, packing, selling and delivering some of the best citrus and produce in the region.

The Brown’s Farm grows 24 kinds of citrus, numerous kinds of produce and even have cows that provide farm fresh milk.

And like their Grandpa, they continue to carry a reputation for their quality and great service they provide for their customers that now span across the state.

The family now have five locations: four in Sarasota and the store that was featured on this blog on on U.S. 301 in Parish, FL.

GROCERY LIST at Browns Grove Store on U.S. Hwy 301
Fresh Local Produce including Vine Ripened Tomatoes
Florida Citrus and Fresh Squeezed non-pasturized Florida Orange Juice
Brown Eggs from Cage Free Hens
Local Honey and Amish Jar Goods
Grass Fed Beef and Pasture Raised Pork
Local Dakin Dairy Milk and Locally made Big Olaf Ice Cream
New item: Soft Serve Ice Cream
Alaskan Salmon
Locally made goat milk soap
Coming Soon: milkshakes & smoothies, salad & strawberry shortcake!

HOURS: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm (Mon – Sat)

Brown’s Grove | 12255 U.S. 301 | Parrish, FL 34219 | (941) 776-2710 |

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