Panther Trace Plaza, 301 & Panther Trace (construction soon)

SOUTHSHORE/RIVERVIEW, FL – Panther Trace Plaza will soon be under construction at the Southeast corner of US-301 & Panther Trace Boulevard in in Riverview, FL.

The new plaza will consist of three free-standing buildings, an anchor store and adjacent retail space. The land was purchase for $1,250,000 on March 25, 2014 by the Panther Trace Plaza LLC group.

I will update this page when I get word of what’s stores and restaurants are coming to the Panther Trace Plaza. See an ariel view of the property on Google Maps

Panther Trace Plaza
12512 US-301, Riverview, FL 33579


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  1. Property values? It depends what’s going in there specifically. If it’s a strip mall full of pawn shops and check cashing places, then the values will go down. But if it has a good bistro or café, then values would go up.

  2. Phenyxxfire Avatar

    Awesome. That’s exactly what Panther Trace needs. A damn strip mall. Hello traffic. Hello crime. Bye bye property values.

    1. Are you nutt. Hello property values up!!

  3. Any updates on what businesses are coming to the plaza?

  4. Dave Towsley Avatar
    Dave Towsley

    So what’s going in front of panther trace

    1. Yes I’d like to know too.

  5. BTW, I’m also a community member of Panther Trace?

    Hello Mr. Ferninand. If you know of any other businesses opening in your area please let us know and we will post it ASAP. With deep appreciation..craig

  6. Hello. I’m less than 24 hrs old with viewing the photonews247. It’s an awesome tool for the community to have access to. As a new small business owner, can you plz tell me how I can show construction/opening updates of my business? Your team is doing a great job with this site. I’ll be sure to share it on my FB page. Thanks

    Thank you very much for letting the community know about the new Mathnasium of Riverview. You can send pics to and I will post them to your new page at:

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