Tim Burton’s movie (with fake gun fire) starts filming in Sun City Center, FL

Previous photo of Tim Burton’s movie set deleted
SOUTH SHORE/SUN CITY CENTER, FL – Gun fire, using blanks, may be heard at night and up to 1:00 am while Tim Burton’s movie ‘Peregrine’s Home for Peculiars‘ starts filming on March 2-6 in Sun City Center, FL.

Security said that it is okay to come watch. Photos are discouraged at all times and please be courteous if you decide to visit since the set is actually in a residential neighborhood for 55 and older.

Thursday, March 5 – final scene may go through the weekend:
Indian Wells Avenue is currently blocked off for lightning and fog night-time street scenes with help from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputies.

For questions call Location Department: Guy Balson (727) 642-9700 or Andreas Zachai (813) 789-9071

Eva Green plays Miss Peregrine
Samuel L. Jackson plays Barron
Asa Butterfield plays Jacob Portman
Ella Purnell plays Emma
Cameron Greco plays Prettiest Boy
Finlay MacMillan plays Enoch

Read more about Peregrine’s Home for Peculiars’ a 20th Century Fox film at IMDb.com.


I talked with Guy and Andreas from the Location Department and they politely stated that they don’t like photos taken of the set at anytime or of the actors. So I sadly deleted the one I had posted and the rest of them I had in the camera.

They added that if you do take a picture not to use your flash and refrain from posting it anywhere online (social media, blogs, websites, portals).

They said they couldn’t stop you from taking photos if you were down the street a ways, (or far away using zoom) but there was a tone in their voices that said, “please don’t do this either.”

That said, I opted out of going back all together and decided to wait for the movie to come out in 2016 🙂

March 5, 2015 through next week: filming on Indian Wells Drive, Sun City Center, FL

Family Dollar, Ruskin, FL

SOUTH SHORE/RUSKIN, FL – Family Dollar is celebrating their Grand Opening with a full parking lot. The did have a sign that read “hiring all positions but that was taken down.  Family Dollar opened on Thursday March 5, 2015 on Hwy 41 in Ruskin, FL.

Family Dollar
37 N U.S. Highway 41, Ruskin, FL 33570
Google Map  | www.familydollar.com

Pre-opening photos below

First Look at Cheetah Cubs | Busch Gardens® Tampa FL

TAMPA, FL – Meet Busch Gardens Tampa’s newest adorable additions – cheetah cubs! The cubs, named Thabo (meaning “joy”) and Tendai (meaning “thankful”) were born on Nov. 22, 2014. Stop by the cheetah run habitat in the coming weeks to see them. (received permission to re-post this too-cute video by Bush Gardens)

Copper Penny Restaurant closed in 2013, sold in 2015

Copper Penny Restaurant and Wooden Nickel Saloon on 301 closed down in 2013/2013 photonews247.com
Copper Penny Restaurant and Wooden Nickel Saloon closed in 2013 on 301/2013 photonews247.com

SOUTH SHORE/WIMAUMA, FL – The Copper Penny Restaurant and Wooden Nickle Saloon was purchased by Sun City Retail LLC for $600,000 on February 12, 2015.

UPDATE 2016: See Aldi under construction

The Copper Penny is a different property from the Village Plaza which is slated to be purchase by Sun City Retail as well.

Copper Penny Restaurant sold February 2015 in Wimauma, FL/2015 photonews247.com
Copper Penny Restaurant sold???/2015 photonews247.com

NIKO’S GREEK GRILLE closes, new family reastaurant open

Nikos Greek Grille opens Monday March 16, 2015 in Ruskin, FL
Nikos Greek Grille opens Monday, March 16, 2015 in Ruskin, FL/2015 photonews247.com

SOUTH SHORE/RUSKIN, FL – NIKO’S GREEK GRILLE opens this Monday, March 16, 2015 on E Shell Point Rd. This is a locally owned restaurant and now part of the South Shore family.

Meet Mas Family Restaurant opens in former Niko’s Greek Grille building.

It would be a very kind gesture to welcome them to the neighborhood by stopping in for a bite to eat.

NIKO’S GREEK GRILLE |105 E. Shell Point Rd | Ruskin, FL 33570 | Menu | (813) 645-5946 | Google Map

Parrish Farm Market & Country Store, Parrish, FL

Sign Browns Grove Farm Market Dakin Farm Fresh Milk Sold Here, Parrish FL
Browns Grove Farm Market sell Dakin Farm Fresh Milk on U.S. 41 in Parrish FL/2015 photonews247.com

PARISH, FL – The Parrish Farm Market and County Store got their start when the first seeds were planted in a field by Grandpa Brown in 1915 in Sarasota, FL.

And, now, 100 years and four generations later, his legacy continues with his family working the farm, doing the same jobs Grandpa did a century ago such as seeding, watering, picking, packing, selling and delivering some of the best citrus and produce in the region.

The Brown’s Farm grows 24 kinds of citrus, numerous kinds of produce and even have cows that provide farm fresh milk.

And like their Grandpa, they continue to carry a reputation for their quality and great service they provide for their customers that now span across the state.

The family now have five locations: four in Sarasota and the store that was featured on this blog on on U.S. 301 in Parish, FL.

GROCERY LIST at Browns Grove Store on U.S. Hwy 301
Fresh Local Produce including Vine Ripened Tomatoes
Florida Citrus and Fresh Squeezed non-pasturized Florida Orange Juice
Brown Eggs from Cage Free Hens
Local Honey and Amish Jar Goods
Grass Fed Beef and Pasture Raised Pork
Local Dakin Dairy Milk and Locally made Big Olaf Ice Cream
New item: Soft Serve Ice Cream
Alaskan Salmon
Locally made goat milk soap
Coming Soon: milkshakes & smoothies, salad & strawberry shortcake!

HOURS: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm (Mon – Sat)

Brown’s Grove | 12255 U.S. 301 | Parrish, FL 34219 | (941) 776-2710 | www.brownsgrove.com

Model homes in Verona section of Renaissance ready for viewing

SUN CITY CENTER / SOUTH SHORE FL – FEB 20: There are four model homes open for viewing in the Verona gated section in the Renaissance neighborhood in Sun City Center, FL.

To get there you take Sun City Center Blvd to S Pebble Beach. After passing Sandpiper Golf Club, you will need to make a left on Chipper Dr, which runs right to the Verona neighborhood. The model homes will be to your right as well.

Call Minto’s main office at (888) 812-2990 located on 105 Commercial Center Dr. to make sure a sales person will be at the Verona site.

Trinity Baptist Church, Sun City Center

Jim is a Church member and also was over seeing construction at Trinity Baptist Church/2015 photonews247.com
February 2015 – Jim is a Church member and also volunteers his time to over look the construction at Trinity Baptist Church

SOUTH SHORE/SUN CITY CENTER, FL – FEB 17: Trinity Baptist Church is constructing a three story 10,000 square-foot educational building slated to open by December 2015.

The new building will provide Sunday School classrooms, a new choir rehearsal room, meeting rooms, offices and restrooms.

The education building is the last part of a three-phase improvement plan. The other two improvement phases were completed that included 103 additional parking places and a new Portico big enough for 2-way traffic to pick up and drop off Church members.

Trinity Baptist Church | 702 Del Webb Boulevard West | Sun City Center, FL | (813) 634-4228


Florida State Fair 2015 numbers beat last years

TAMPA, FL – The Florida State Fair 2015 attracted massive amounts of people beating last years numbers. The fair attracted all ages from senior citizens to kids in strollers during the 12-day event from Feb 5- 16.

The Florida State Fair started in 1904, then called the South Florida Fair held in Downtown Tampa. The fair began as a small and humble gathering of locals with some carnival rides, cooking competitions and some featured live stock to name a few.

It was later named the Mid-Winter Festival and finally named The Florida State Fair in 1915. The fair quickly grew to big for the downtown area and was moved to the Florida State Fairgrounds in 1977 where it continues today.

It’s been over a hundred years since its inception but the fair’s theme remains pretty much the same except for the size and popularity that has grown exponentially into a 330-acre 12-day extravaganza with over 500,000 visitors annually.

The organizers were proactive this year by having more Hillsborough County Sheriff’s on the grounds. As expected, they acted expediently and professionally before anything escalated.

The armbands are the new high-tech-tickets that are scanned to get on the rides that were first introduced at last year’s fair.

Before getting on each ride, your armband is scanned, transmitted through a wireless (WiFi) network to software that calculates how many times you and other fair goers get on each ride. The system worked seamlessly this year.

Florida State Fair | 4800 N Us Highway 301 | Tampa, Florida
800-345-FAIR (3247) | www.floridastatefair.com

Apollo Beach Nature Park reopens Summer 2015

SOUTHSHORE/APOLLO BEACH, FL – The Apollo Beach Waterway Improvement Group (ABWIG) helped fund the project for restoring the Apollo Beach Nature Park. The project started with the closing of the beach on November 10, 2014.

UPDATE: June 22, 2015: See photos of new beach

The new sand for the beach is coming from the dredging of the three channels in Apollo Beach that is estimated to make two more acres of beach front for the park.

The park will have seven rock barricades 6 to 8 feet tall and 40 feet long near the shoreline that will act as breakers to stop any future erosion.

The Apollo Beach Nature Preserve is slated to reopen Memorial Day 2015 if everything goes as planned.

See the Official Facebook page for timeline photos and future art displays on how Apollo Beach will look when finished.

Apollo Beach Nature Preserve
6767 Surfside Blvd, Apollo Beach, FL 33572
(813) 672-7876
abwig.org/ | Directions